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Fyahmatic, Kryptic join Chromatic


THE multi-award-winning sound Chromatic Live has two new faces. They’re DJ Kryptic (now often called Kryptic Live) and Fyahman (now often called Fyahmatic).

“Being a neophyte to the industry, many individuals said to me that I could be an element of Chromatic Live. Nevertheless, I believed it was larger than me and seeing that I began to MC in March of this yr. So, to be honest, the true aspiration is to actually and truly be the perfect at my craft,” Fyahmatic told the Jamaica Observer.

Asked how the chance presented itself for him to be an element of Chromatic Live, Fyahmatic said, “After working assiduously throughout the summer, co-founder Creep Chromatic linked me and proposed the thought and gave me time to think on it. Because it got here as a surprise, I took a while to think and likewise get advice on the entire situation. As bearing the responsibility was a serious one.”

Fyahmatic, a law student at The University of the West Indies, has worked as an MC with DJs corresponding to Laing D, JJ Deadlock, Kevstar Universe, Insaneo, Nico Lee, Romzinova, Chaddy G, and 3D. He spoke about how he got into the industry.

Kryptic Live

“Firstly, I began hosting quite a lot of events held by the Guild and faculties on campus. Most of the events involved DJs. It was after an event one DJ, often called Baba, told me to noticeably consider doing the work of an MC. After that, I discovered myself working with DJs while I hosted events and likewise began to seek guidance from other DJs, specifically DJ Insaneo and JJ deadlock. They allowed me to go on the road with them, watch them in motion in addition to granting me the chance to showcase my talent,” said Fyahmatic Live.

“Patrons pay their money for premium entertainment. Hence, I try my best to deliver high energy and good vibes in any respect times. Whether it’s kicking off my shoes once I’m in a soca party or jumping off stage and into the group to attach with the audience. I’ve recognised that individuals are really drawn to those characteristics anytime I deliver on stage,” he continued.

In accordance with Fyahmatic, an MC is just as necessary to an event as a DJ.

“The impact of the voice of an MC, I think, is amazingly vital. A excellent MC is in a position to set and alter the tone of an event. The job of the MC is to reinforce what the DJ is playing. This might require each DJ and MC to be in sync in addition to analyse where they should take an event.”

For Kryptic Live, playing music has been a passion for him since he was a pre-teen.

“I used to be all the time inquisitive about playing instruments from a young age, but growing up seeing my neighbours DJ-ing sparked a new interest. I might all the time go and watch once I saw them playing out and started teaching myself on virtual DJ and that is where it began,” he said.

He continued, “I have been playing music since I used to be 12. It has been an incredible journey despite being slow within the early stages. I all the time had the fervour for it, and thankfully I had excellent support from my family and friends that helped to guide my decisions. It wasn’t all the time easy, but I felt like this was what I used to be speculated to do.”

Kryptic Live studied music production on the Brit School in London.

“Production was all the time a second passion of mine, so with the ability to go abroad to expand my knowledge and experience on this was definitely a chance I could not miss. It gave me a new perspective, seeing a unique scene and it definitely contributed to my style and music now,” he said.

Chromatic Live was formed in 2005 by Warren “Creep” Lee. The opposite members of Chromatic Live are Brush1, Travis Chromatic, Shantonio, Heavy D, JR and Ariez.

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