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How Has Caribbean Music Influenced Music Across the World?

While the Caribbean is thought for its chill and laid-back vibe, it is also a force that has significantly impacted the entire world. We get so much from these beautiful islands, including their
revolutionary music.

Caribbean music and its cultural impact stretches far and wide throughout the industry and may be felt in almost every music genre.

So let’s dive into this versatile genre and try the way it’s influenced the world. Follow along to uncover its roots and beyond! 

The Starting 

Caribbean music was created from struggle however it evokes a lot joy. 

Birthed from African cultures, indigenous people, and colonialism, its roots date back to enslavement. With nearly all of Caribbean ancestors being from West Africa, West Europe, and India, the music incorporates a combination of those elements. 

Throughout the overarching genre of Caribbean music, there are several sub-genres that shape its influence all around the world.

There’s calypso which originated in African slave communities in Trinidad and is the evolution of the
West African genre of kaiso. From calypso, there may be ska music which mixes calypso and rhythm and blues. Then there’s the highly regarded reggae genre which involves slowed down or syncopated ska tempos.


Through the Fifties and Nineteen Sixties, Caribbean families began to migrate to the US and the UK. Lots of artists got here as well in hopes of furthering their music careers. 

As they migrated to those new countries, they brought their culture with them and thus the musical influence began. 

Rock and Roll 

Caribbean music discussed real issues from love, sadness, spirituality, and societal issues. It spoke to all people, but particularly to the young during times of revolt. 

Through the Seventies, many rock bands embraced ska and reggae and remade classic songs from the genres. This can also be generally known as the ska revival period and when Caribbean music began to receive crossover hits. 

Hip-Hop Culture 

Hip-hop’s roots run deep with Caribbean influence, a lot in order that the creator of the genre is a Jamaican man named
DJ Kool Herc

Hip-hop music is popular for rapping which stems from the Caribbean practice of toasting or chanting over rhythms. Over time, as hip-hop evolved, the Caribbean influenced stayed present with artists utilizing reggae beats and even speaking in patois on songs. 

A few of the biggest names in hip-hop are of Caribbean descent resembling Biggie Smalls, Grandmaster Flash, Busta Rhymes, and Nicki Minaj. The Caribbean is essentially represented within the genre and there isn’t a hip-hop without its influence. 


While music continues to vary, music genres still pull from Caribbean music. The preferred type of music today is a sub-genre of hip-hop called trap and it’s stuffed with Caribbean sounds. 

It includes hardcore bass and 808s and there is even a dance-hall trap genre that is enjoyed internationally. Along with trap, dance music also takes from the genre with upbeat rhythms and using steel drums. 

Caribbean Music to the World 

It’s little question that Caribbean music is a crucial a part of music history. Through its feel-good sounds to its ability to show pain into joy, it’s greater than just music, it’s a logo of solidarity and hope. 

Its cultural impact is unmatched and is a kind of music that can proceed to be woven into the world as times proceed to vary. 

We hope that you just found this text helpful and learned more concerning the versatility of Caribbean music. Be at liberty to
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