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‘I Consider We Can Do It’ – Prospere Urges Drastic Reduction In Food Import Bill

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Citing the challenge Saint Lucia faces regarding food security, Agriculture Minister Alfred Prospere has reiterated his concern in regards to the Island’s high food import bill.

“We have now to do the most effective we will to scale back it drastically. I think we will do it,” Prospere told reporters on Monday on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting.

“I do know we will do it, and I do know once we engage our farmers, and we give the farmers the support that they need we are going to give you the chance to scale back that,” the Minister asserted.

Prospere spoke within the wake of a sea moss festival his Ministry organised in reference to World Food Day.

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He said it was a chance to bring together individuals who manufacture sea moss by-products.

“We saw quite a variety of individuals producing various products but those individuals, in my discussion with them, I could tell that there are numerous challenges by way of standards, packaging, promotion and really a number of them have just began by producing those products at home,” Prospere observed.

Nonetheless, he disclosed that he desires to see those products on supermarket shelves.

“It’s one thing to do it at home, but the following level is for us to give you the chance to see it on the supermarket shelves,” Prospere told reporters.

He also spoke of the necessity to export the by-products.

The Minister said he was concerned that Saint Lucia produces rather a lot and sells its products abroad, where they undergo processing and return to local supermarket shelves on the market.

“If we’ve got the potential of constructing it occur here, I believe it will be a giant boost for the agro-processing sub-sector,” he explained.

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