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In an area of ​​conflict through the channel, Haitians perform vodou against the Dominican military

Dajabon, DR.- In the world where an irrigation canal is being constructed in Haiti to divert water from the Massacre River, a gaggle of Haitians performed a ritual, which local Haitian media reported was directed against the Dominican military personnel who proceed to supply border protection to safeguard national sovereignty.

Through the ritual, the Haitians used various objects, including a smoked skull, powder, and salt, and it culminated with the position of a live rooster next to the soldiers of the Dominican Army.

In accordance with RC News correspondent Goidy Reyes, this is just not the primary such ritual conducted by Haitians in the world where the canal is being built. The development of the canal involves work to redirect water from the Massacre River into Haitian territory.

The border has been closed for 21 days as a measure taken by President Luis Abinader in response to the illegal construction of the canal in Juana Méndez. This has led to a shortage of food in Haiti, as reported by businessman Victor Morales.

While there was a notable decrease within the variety of Haitians working on the canal construction today, it stays uncertain what further actions they could soak up response to the border closure and construction dispute.

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