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In full control

Jeff Fullyauto

THERE has been extensive discourse in regards to the prevalence of music glorifying violence and drug use since a ban was imposed on such songs by the Broadcasting Commission one week ago. For dancehall sensation Jeff Fullyauto, the commission, nor residents ought to be surprised at these songs, because art is solely imitating life.

“Though I understand the target of the ban, that is not going to prohibit my music. Violence and medicines will still be standing even after this ban,” the 21-year-old, whose given name is Jeffery Roy Grant Jr, told the Jamaica Observer‘s Splash.

“They [artistes] are seeing it present within the environment and likewise, they sell and stream greater than other topics,” Jeff Fullyauto continued.

The Glenmuir High School past student burst onto the music scene this 12 months with a slew of hits including Big Guns, Call It Quits, Protection, Dutty Song, and most recently Jericho. The latter, produced by Ragz To Richez Production, was officially released on September 1 and has over 2.4 million views on YouTube.

Jericho has been given the red light by the Broadcast Commission which last week issued a directive to operators of electronic media to ban, with immediate effect:

“any audio or video recording, live song, or speech which promotes and/or glorifies scamming, illegal use or abuse of medication (eg Molly), illegal or harmful use of guns or other offensive weapons, ‘jungle justice’, or another type of illegal or criminal activity;

“any edited song which directly or not directly promotes scamming, illegal drugs, illegal or harmful use of guns or other offensive weapons, jungle justice, or any type of illegal or criminal activity. This includes live editing and original edits (eg edits by producer/label) in addition to the usage of near-sounding words as substitutes for offensive lyrics, expletives, or profanities.”

“The track is a storyline based on how protective my friends are of our brand. It outlines how they are going to go all of the solution to instill violence to guard ourselves and our fame in the event that they are violated or we’re physically threatened, without me having to be involved,” the artiste explained.

In creating the ultimate product, he was naturally inspired by real life events.

“I used a storyline based on how I see people operate within the garrison to guard their area to narrate the song, hence the concept ‘Jericho’ which is definitely a brand of firearm,” he added.

The video for Jericho was filmed within the artiste’s home district of Curatoe Hill, Clarendon, and co-directed by Jojo Ink Designs, Ghost Studios, Ragz to Richez and Fullyauto.

Describing his music as “Sui-Generis”, a Latin term which suggests ‘in a league of its own’.

“What makes me stand out is the context of my music and the sound I deliver. I even have a really unique tone of voice in order that my melodies create an addictive sound,” the artiste said.

Jeff Fullyauto is open to collaborating with anyone with similar drive and keenness, and has big dreams for his profession.

“[I see myself] being more recognised internationally and definitely sharing my platform with other young artistes,” he said.

Jeff Fullyauto
Jeff Fullyauto
Jeff Fullyauto

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