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Influenza vaccination lowers heart risk

Flu vaccination reduces the danger of heart disease-related death since the virus may cause heart disease in those that are susceptible. Because the medical director and director of the Cardiovascular Center of the Centers for Diagnosis and Advanced Medicine and Medical Conferences and Telemedicine (CEDIMAT), respectively, Jorge Marte Báez, a pulmonologist-internist, and César Herrera, a cardiologist, indicate, “The incidence of several types of diseases attributable to viruses and bacteria within the population at the identical time has a major impact on health.”

Moreover, they indicate that cardiovascular diseases, that are on the rise within the nation as a consequence of changes in lifestyle, the consumption of fast food, and stress, amongst other aspects, are a major threat to the population. The senior managers of CEDIMAT referred to this and other issues related to the health system, the training of human resources, research, and medical care when participating as guests within the Listin Diario Breakfast, headed by its director, Miguel Franjul.

The nation currently monitors several respiratory viruses, including influenza, COVID-19, and syncytial, in addition to illnesses which can be currently plaguing the populace, including cholera, dengue, and other ailments.

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