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interCaribbean Airways Resumes Services After Disruptions At Dominica Airport

interCaribbean Airways is pleased to announce the resumption of services on the Barbados-Dominica route following temporary disruptions attributable to ongoing technical issues at Dominica Airport.

The airline recognizes the inconvenience experienced by passengers and expresses appreciation for his or her patience and understanding during this era.

Dominica Airport has implemented a brief solution to handle the technical issues affecting the automated wind station at Runway 27. This solution has allowed for the protected resumption of flights, ensuring the continuity of interCaribbean Airways’ services between Barbados and Dominica.

Passengers who were impacted by the disruptions are advised to contact interCaribbean Airways or their travel agents to make crucial arrangements for rebooking or rescheduling their flights.

The airline is committed to assisting affected passengers and can prioritize their needs to make sure a seamless travel experience.

Passengers planning to travel on the Barbados-Dominica route are advised to remain informed of any updates or changes by usually checking the interCaribbean Airways website, contacting the airline’s customer support, or staying connected through the airline’s official social media channels.

interCaribbean Airways would really like to precise its sincere appreciation to its passengers for his or her continued support and understanding throughout this era. The airline looks forward to welcoming passengers back on board and providing them with a protected and enjoyable travel experience.

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