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IT COULD BE WORSE: Super Value CFO says food store chain doing its best to maintain grocery inexpensive

IT COULD BE WORSE: Super Value CFO says food store chain doing its best to keep grocery affordable

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Super Value’s chief financial officer Debra Symonette said yesterday that the food store chain is doing its best to maintain the worth of products inexpensive for local consumers amid rising global inflation, while noting, “it could possibly be worse”.

Symonette said: “The increases are absolutely needed. We’re doing our greatest to maintain prices at a minimum. This can be a worldwide thing, it’s not only isolated to The Bahamas. We’re doing our greatest to maintain the costs low. It could possibly be worse. We are attempting to refill on goods at lower prices in order that we are able to keep the costs low in the shop.”

Symonette said that customers could expect to see price increases in tomato-based products, rice, sugar, flour, and cooking oil while noting that provide chain issues persist.

Super Vaue’s perishable buyer Clifton Fernander noted that customers could also expect increases in the price of meat and poultry. 

“Over the past weeks we have now seen a rise in the price of pork and lamb. This 12 months customers must be prepared to experience a 30-40 percent increase in the worth of hams and turkeys. Production from the farms has been much lower this 12 months however the demand remains to be the identical,” said Fernander.

Fernander noted that the federal government’s decision to cut back the duty on chicken imports has allowed the food store chain to maintain prices stable and reduce prices in some instances. 

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