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IT TAKES A VILLAGE: Residents stage basketball camp to take back their community from gang violence

By Kareem Minnis

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Englerston residents are determined to take their back community from gang violence through a basketball camp, in accordance with organizers Wilmin Noel and Dion McPhee.

The camp took place this week Saturday on Englerston Park for boys and men between the ages of eight to twenty years old.

WIlmin Noel told Eyewitness News his plans are to have interaction young men with the art of basketball and reduce their possibilities of falling prey to gang violence.

Noel said he was fortunate to be an element of an analogous camp growing up, where he learned invaluable lessons that molded him right into a successful man.

“It starts from home,” Noel said.

“It’s such a passion for us to do that. Lots of these young kids don’t have fathers or people to return to,” he added.

Noel further said the camp will not be only for young men to learn or play Basketball, but to show them lessons they will use in other elements resembling spirituality, and education.

The group plans to get businesses and other organizations involved to permit the participants to network and have more opportunities.

One other organizer, CJ Walker said he was also given the chance to learn and grow through the Basketball camp he attended with Noel.

Walker further said the camp is geared towards mentoring young men and providing them with useful skills and knowledge that will be used throughout their lives.

“For me it was a way out,” Walker said.

“I used to be capable of create bonds to this very day. It’s very necessary for me to present back,” he added.

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