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It’s My Turn for Troy Bronxz

Troy Bronxz

When deejay Troy Bronxz was approached to contribute a song to the My Turn rhythm he had no difficulty coming up with lyrics to Ex Man, which he says is predicated on personal experience.

The song is a couple of man in an unfulfilling relationship with a lady whose expensive needs he refuses to fund.

“Yes, it’s based on a private experience, but I actually have seen lots of people leaving their relationships because of assorted reasons, but mainly more for peace of mind and self-preservation,” said Troy Bronxz.

Born in Kingston, the deejay’s rootsy, hard-core delivery was inspired by Shabba Ranks and developed on sound systems similar to Survivor International in St Catherine, where he spent much of his early life.

By the point he made his recording debut within the early Nineties with the song Mr Bigman, Troy Bronxz was a seasoned campaigner. He gives a nod to his years on the St Catherine sound system circuit for putting the sting on his tone.

“Working on sound systems has been very instrumental in my profession. Sound system has given me the chance to hone my skills, gave me the arrogance to interact and hold the eye of an audience,” he said. “Acting on ‘sounds’ has helped with my lyrics writing, having the ability to create lyrics at any given moment and creating and developing my style,” he said.

Several of his songs, including Leave, State of Mind, and Life Nice, were produced by Akeebu Records.

My Turn is produced by singer Mark “Tony Anthony” Bennett, a veteran of the Canadian reggae scene. It’s a joint release by his Phylani Music label and Tasjay Productions, that are each based in Toronto.

Other songs on the My Turn are the title track by Tony Anthony, World Destruction by Luciano, Some Family by Rad Dixon, and Rise to The Top by Fiona Chin.

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