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JahZeal tries harder


Singer JahZeal is upbeat about his collaboration with sprint legend-turned-producer Usain Bolt. The song Try Harder was released last month.

“Songs I write are inspired by the beat, so I normally select a selected phrase from the beat that inspires a melody then this song specifically, I just saw it fit to place words of encouragement to the melody inspired by the riddim, in these difficult times,” JahZeal explained.

He said Try Harder is relatable.

“The song is certainly personal. It was also specifically written as a type of motivation to anybody who can have had thoughts of giving up,” he said.

Produced by Bolt’s A Team Lifestyle label, the song is accompanied by a music video which was shot on location on the Big Yard studio in Kingston and directed by Jay Enigma.

JahZeal explained how the collaboration with Bolt got here about.

“It so happened that Bolt, his business partner and the team at A Team Lifestyle do their production at the identical recording studio as I do, which is at Big Yard Music. And I happened to be there around them now and again as they put their musical pieces together and so they have at all times allowed me the privilege to vibe with them. My engineer Kamal introduced me officially to them as an artiste. I used to be already vibing around them frequently, so I used to be given the chance to work with Bolt on this track,” said JahZeal.

He shared what it was like working with Bolt.

“Well, it was a extremely interesting and different experience since I’ve began my musical journey. As a producer I can assure you he knows exactly how he wants his music to sound. So, the song was recorded in his absence and sent to him, he listened and rebooked, and had me change each verses as he thought more emphasis may very well be placed on the lyrics that I had written. I attempted it and it was magic, so, all in all, it was a swell experience,” said JahZeal.

The feedback on Try Harder has been positive.

“The song has been getting heavy rotation on radio, great reception from my support base as this can be a side of the Vagabondz Grimsinger they have not seen. Individuals are motivated and inspired and I get tons of videos every day that reflect how appreciative the individuals are to have a motivating song like this in these times,” JahZeal shared.

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