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Jonny Ramnarine wins Chutneymusic.com Prince competition


Jonathan “Jonny” Ramnarine is winner of the Chutneymusic.com Rajkumar (Prince) Competition 2023 finals (CRC 2023). –

Jonny Ramnarine won the Chutneymusic.com Rajkumar (Prince) Competition 2023 finals (CRC 2023) by a split decision narrowly beating incumbent CRC 2022 winner Aditya Seepersad, two to 1.

A media release said the judges were impressed with Ramnarine’s diction, stage performance and originality of his song Wanna b Free. Within the song, Ramnarine urges a young lady who’s romantically involved in him that he doesn’t want anyone to emphasize out his mammy (mother).

The judges think that Ramnarine has a vivid future within the chutney soca industry if he continues to sing original music., the discharge said.

They echoed the same sentiment for second placed, Aditya Seepersad who sang Cya Stop Meh.

Competition organiser, Jason “DJ Floops” Sookram is pleased with the 2 young men who represented the Chutneymusic.com Rajkumar competition well and is glad to see CRC, complete its third consecutive 12 months in operation especially amidst the backdrop of major competitions that were cancelled, the discharge said.

He and the Chutneymusic.com team are encouraged by the increased participation within the junior competitions, Rajkumar and Rajkumari and hope that in CRC 2024, more participants and sponsors will come forward.

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