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Junior Monarch advantages from Scotiabank workshops

Since its inception, the Scotiabank Junior Monarch Competition has provided Barbadian youth the chance
to take the stage, allowing them to hone their skills as young artistes.

Described as a developmental programme, the Scotiabank Junior Monarch Competition also features exciting workshops and mentorship sessions hosted because of the partnership between Scotiabank and the National Cultural Foundation (NCF).

These workshops are geared toward boosting confidence and fortifying participants’ presentation and other performance skills. Nevertheless, their purpose goes beyond the musical realm. Additionally they seek to supply relevant learning experiences centered around the private development of young artistes.

For instance, the engaging financial planning workshop, conducted by Scotiabank seeks to show the youth participating in Junior Monarch what it means to save lots of and invest, and provides them a greater understanding of how money works overall.

That is in an effort to equip the budding calypsonians with the principles of economic literacy mandatory to administer prize money, but the knowledge is meant to be useful of their future endeavours, far beyond the competition.

The primary of those workshops for the 2022 Junior Monarch Competition took place Tuesday, July 5 and Thursday July 7.

In keeping with NCF’s Music Officer Kevin Moore, these workshops wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Scotiabank, sponsor of the Junior Monarch Competition for over 25 years.

The music officer noted that the bank was integral not only in financing the workshops, but in helping to supply this system in its entirety, one major example being the outfitting of the bands.

“Through the sponsorship by Scotiabank, the Junior Monarch is in a position to reach its objective of guiding the creative minds of the youth within the practice of the calypso art form. Despite the success the pro-gramme has seen to date, it was impossible for these workshops to stay completely unaffected by COVID in a post-2020 era,” Moore said.

On the recent media launch of the competition Suzette Armoogam-Shah, Managing Director, Scotiabank Barbados said: “We’re very excited that we will resume this amazing collaboration with NCF. Helping our young people reach their full potential is a key area of investment for Scotiabank long-term and economic prosperity in our community will depend on future generations. When young people in the neighborhood meet with success, families, businesses and en-tire societies are positioned to profit for years to come back,” the managing director said.

The workshops have undergone one other significant change, moving away from the previous town-hall style presentation and being re-designed with more interactive sessions and demonstrations.

The success of a few of these workshops can be measured on Sat-urday, July 16, when the Scotiabank Junior Monarch Competition Final comes off on the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex (PR)

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