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Juniors learning art of costume-making

Juniors and other viewers can now profit first-hand from suggestions in costume-making.

That’s since the National Cultural Foundation has began an internet series Play De Mas: Junior Costume Making 101.

The programme provides short and interesting educational content for youngsters and new masquerade costume designers to have access to.

The six-part series gives invaluable insight and practical knowledge while covering a variety of topics. The sessions are: Design: Theme, Shape and Color, Making a Basic Headdress and Collar, Making Arm Bands, Leg Bands and Flags, Making a Standard Using Wire-bended Forms, Wire-bending: Making A Easy Harness and Wire-bending – Creating and Attaching Forms to a Harness.

In producing the series, the NCF has facilitated various constituents who’ve been negatively impacted because of the cancellations of Crop Over 2020 and 2021 consequently of COVID-19.

The costume-making sessions are being conducted by Sonia Price, Lana & Linden Adams-Steele, Gerald Walcott, Jaleel Babb, Troy Burgess and Neal Stanley. The group of designers and wire-workers who do indirectly profit from the NCF subsidy assigned to bandleaders.

Producer of the series NCF’s Chief Cultural Officer Andrea Wells said the Foundation was excited to supply this digital content that’s educational.

“This six-part series on costume-making was designed to pique the interest of beginners on this artform. Masquerade costume-making often gets centre-stage at Crop Over, but the abilities are equally useful for anyone with an interest in design or hand-made crafts.

Wells added: “Six designers who traditionally work for Junior and Grand Kadooment take the viewer through a step-by-step and fun process in creating costumes on a theme.

“A fascinating and easy-to-follow series which will likely be fun for youngsters and adults alike. The programme will even be added to the NCF’s resource of online educational resources that might be integrated in future school-based training programmes.”

The series, which began last Saturday, May 7, will likely be aired on social media channels over the following five Saturdays. Go online to The NCF Barbados on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. (PR)

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