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Last Disciple talks Marijuana

Linval Thompson (left) and Last Disciple.

There isn’t a whole lot of reggae in Last Disciple’s home town of Greenville, South Carolina, but ever since discovering the sounds of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Linval Thompson in his youth, he has been hooked.

Thompson’s Marijuana is one in every of the songs that drew Last Disciple to Jamaican culture.

Recently, he collaborated with the veteran singer on Smoking Kush, a song that also features dub poet Meeka Nyota.

“Smoking Kush is concerning the positive effects of herb on the world and folks throughout from precedent days until at the present time. It’s inspiring for artistes and knocks over the divides between the nations, even racism and spiritual wickedness in high and low places,” Last Disciple said in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

The American artiste made his first of many visits to Jamaica in 2008, but it surely was not until seven years later that he began recording songs here.

Among the many acts he befriended is Thompson, best known for songs akin to Train to Zion and Look How Me Sexy.

Through the years, Last Disciple (real name Brad Brandt) has worked with Jamaican musicians including singer Nadia McAnuff, guitarist Winston Bowen, and keyboardist Franklyn “Bubbler” Waul.

“I like and I’m honoured to work with Jamaicans, born and raised within the culture, artistes and producers. Jamaica’s music may be imitated but not duplicated,” he said.

Last Disciple has released two albums so far — Babylon Fall and Rise Up. The latter was released in 2021.

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