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Late James Bond actor Connery’s family donates to Lend a Hand Bahamas to advertise performing arts

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A recent $100,000 donation by the family of the late Sir Sean Connery is following his wishes and keeping the James Bond star and longtime Bahamas resident’s passion for the performing arts alive.

An area rake n’ scrape group.

The Connery family’s generous contribution will go toward a recording studio in Lend a Hand Bahamas’ soon-to-come second community center. It would function a spot for members of the Over-the-Hill and Downtown neighborhoods to record music, make broadcasts, play and record instruments, tape spoken word and rather more.

Lucas Metropulos, a Lend a Hand Bahamas board member, said: “While we’re still working on further details, what’s confirmed is that the recording studio could have programmes built around the usage of the state-of-the-art space and skill-up individuals to really manage the recordings and use of kit.”

Speaking on behalf of the Connery family, Stephane Connery said: “Our hope is that the recording studio will encourage kids to explore storytelling and their musical passions while refining and furthering these gifts. There are such a lot of talented Bahamians with marvelous voices and musical gifts.”

Connery added: “The prevailing Lend a Hand Bahamas community center is a beautiful concept but is restricted as a result of space. We hope the new center will probably be a much greater constructing and can due to this fact make an enormous difference by providing many more opportunities.

“Lend a Hand Bahamas is so impressive in what they aspire to supply. The volunteers put in a lot effort and time, and I deeply hope that we will make a difference by providing this facility.”

Earlier this 12 months, Lend a Hand Bahamas also received funds to construct a reading room and a STEM-focused space in the neighborhood center coming soon. Just as these rooms will directly support Lend a Hand’s after-school and weekend programmes, the recording studio — to be named after the Connery family — will introduce, foster and advance musical and other performative talents.

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