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Local restaurant raises over 104k during first week on ArawakX crowdfunding platform

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Tropical Gyro, the Carib-Greek fusion take-out restaurant raised over $104,000 in its first week on the ArawakX crowd funding platform.

In accordance with the corporate, over 195 investors have pledged to speculate over $104,000 in Tropical Gyros in its first week. The corporate is looking for to lift $850,000 because it looks to expand with locations within the Carmichael, Cable Beach, and Prince Charles areas in addition to create a production and distribution centre. Tropical Gyro’s sole location at present is on Rosetta Street.

Tropical Gyros, founded by Chef Kevin “KC” Culmer made its first appearance as a food vendor on the World Relays in 2015.

“I used to be capable of sell 1,700 on the two-day event and interact with athletes from The Bahamas and most of the countries. All of them enjoyed my food and that’s after I knew I had something special.” said Culmer.

The corporate thereafter went on to ascertain a gradual footprint within the takeaway restaurant arena offering its unique gyros, salads, and bowls. 

“Certainly one of some great benefits of crowdfunding is that your customers develop into your investors so many persons are willing to support because they’re conversant in the brand. I selected to utilize ArawakX because I wanted to provide my customers the chance to share in our growth as I appreciate the entire support we’ve received throughout the years,” said Culmer.

“Our marketing data allows us to capture the occupation of those investing and the list is extensive. Occupations include; janitor, security guard, nurse, civil servant, self-employed businessman, CEO, etc.” said D’Arcy Rahming Jr, Chief Technology Officer.

“Clearly the new social contract is considered one of ownership. And ArawakX is rising to satisfy that challenge to provide access to those that it could have been too expensive to speculate before,” said Rahming.

Rahming said this is feasible due to its proprietary Fintech platform that was developed in Silicone Valley. 

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