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Local teenager Ameir debuts megastars-produced EP

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Eighteen-year-old Bahamian talent Ameir Taylor, a former Queen’s College student and up to date graduate of Walnut Hill School for the Arts, has released his debut digital prolonged play album (EP) “7teen” on Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming music platforms.

The EP was produced by Grammy-winning Detroit producers Herschel Boone and Luis Resto —best known for his work with rapper Eminem, and mixed and mastered by Benny Ibarra, the celebrated musician and actor from Mexico. Ameir is grateful to them for his or her support and expertise within the enhancement of what began as his highschool senior project.

Ameir (right) wit his family.

His mom, O’Layinka, speaking from her home in Nassau, said she is pleased with her son.

“We’re all immensely pleased with him,” she said. “Growing up, Ameir all the time showed signs of his creativity. But we saw it in motion when he began editing a video, and surprising the family along with his dance abilities and a solo song at a faculty fair.”

As a young scholar, Ameir won the 2016 Templeton Laws of Life Essay Competition, was a 2020 Scholastic Regional Silver Key Writing Award and was recognized within the E Clement National Arts Festival for Gospel Duet and Acting in 2018. Ameir can also be an completed producer and actor. He’s appeared in local radio and tv commercials for Tampico Bahamas and Aliv.

His agent, Sonia S Brown of Brown Entertainment Group, knew from the very start that Ameir was destined for achievement.

“I’ve been working with him professionally, as his agent, for a couple of years,” she said. “He has all the time been exceptional, and I knew he could be great. He’s now preparing for faculty, where he’ll major in media and film.”

Bahamian lyricist and songwriter Ameir, 18, a former Queen’s College student and up to date graduate of Walnut Hill School for the Arts who debuted his EP “7teen” on July 5, 2021. (PHOTO: ANTONIO VIVA)

Brown noted that Ameir’s journey is an example of perseverance and commitment to goals.

“I would like Bahamians to appreciate that if you have got a dream, the one thing that may stop you is you,” Brown said. “It doesn’t matter how far-fetched it could seem, the country you were born in or the colour of your skin. If you have got a present, dream or talent, you’ll want to cultivate and develop it and imagine in yourself. For those who determine which you could do something, you’ll be able to do it. Don’t lose heart or hope.”

On his debut EP, Ameir reflects on the defining stories of his seventeenth yr of life. He pops right into a new scene in “Only Me”, not finding much that appears like him, but is positive he’ll thrive despite anything. Keen about a new “Crush”, Ameir, on this R&B tune, confesses his blues when she lets him down suddenly, echoing a previous fling. Losing the girl is one thing, but now he loses his fake friends, forcing him to contemplate his rake ‘n scrape roots telling him to “Big Up Yourself”. Although he hears the song’s instruction, isolation gets to him as he cries out in an emotional ballad, “Lonely”. Being alone does allow him to predict the longer term he sees for himself in a jazz, hip-hop fusion, “Young Millionaire”. Now, he just needs a little bit help steering those dreams along with his faith, taking us to church with the sultry sounds of his negotiations with God in “Take Me”.

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