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LOUD Meets M.T.J – St. Lucia News From The Voice

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I’ve been hearing quite a bit about two young entertainers from the community of Aux- Lyon who were poised to take over the entertainment industry with an outstanding combo of deejaying and emceeing. Intrigued, I made it my duty to experience the growing phenomenon that’s MTJ or Multi-Talented Jugglers. Saint Lucia, they’re the true deal! As impressive as their juggling is, they aren’t limiting themselves to simply a console and a microphone. Let’s learn somewhat more about MTJ, but consider me, there may be so way more to inform.

Tell the readers who make up the team that we all know to be MTJ.

MTJ is made up of 4 members, Entertainment Manager Kurtly Estava , Branding Manager Natoya Popo, Disc Jockey Lane Mathurin and emcee Chris Theodule

How did the 2 of you get into or fell in love with music?

The love for music has been there for a really very long time, it’s like a family tradition, so you’ll be able to say that we now have been around music from birth.

When did MTJ determine to embark into the entertainment industry as a profession?

After playing at dennery carnival (when it was still alive) we got plenty of positive feedback from plenty of individuals that day, so then we gave it plenty of thought and decided that we should always give it a shot and thus far it has been nothing short of fantastic.

What motivates or drives the 2 of you to proceed to all the time give 100% at every gig or event?

We consider that after you give 100% customer satisfaction then the shopper will all the time wish to work with you in the longer term, so 100% shellingz shouldn’t be a alternative, it’s GUARANTEED!

In you profession what event would you say has been your favorite and which one would you prefer to do over?

One in every of our favourite event was Ezra’s birthday bash at verve, the vibes and energy was amazing and we’d like to play that event many times (big up Ezra di fun machine).

Do you all have any inspirations or individuals that you just look as much as in or out if the industry?

We’ve got quite plenty of individuals within the industry that we glance as much as locally and internationally, Hollywood Hp, Litchie Sounds, A1 Jugglers, Dj Yellow, Deej Blaze, Dj Outkast simply to name just a few. We’ve got learnt quite quite a bit from them by just watching and analyzing.

Other than deejaying, what else can people point to and say that’s MTJ?

Other than deejaying those that’ve known Mtj from day 1 can point to our graphic designs and say that’s MTJ & also just a few of the charitable work that we now have done.

What’s the final word goal for the team?

The final word goal for MTJ is to turn into a world emcee and deejay, and we won’t stop at nothing until this has been achieved!

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