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Maffio lived extreme poverty and now has Las Cañitas in his sights to assist children in need.

Maffio has been a pioneer within the fusion of rhythms and a key player in historical collaborations for Latin music.

Miami, Florida
Las Cañitas is the Dominican neighborhood that Maffio watches with great attention from america. The music producer, artist, and composer, winner of multiple Grammys, announced the creation of “Higher than Wonderfull Foundation,” a non-profit institution that can support children with cancer and can develop other social programs throughout Latin America, especially in his native Dominican Republic, being the country where he experienced in his childhood, “extreme poverty.”

“The plan will start in Las Cañitas,” the neighborhood where he was born and grew up amongst laughter and dreams, amid economic poverty, but where he was at all times sure that “someday he would achieve a part of those dreams,” which today have made him probably the most wanted throughout the powerful music industry for all Latin America and likewise america, amongst other nations which have been occupied with his compositions and work in production.

Carlos Ariel Peralta Mendoza, his real name, said that later this program could be prolonged throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Children have been the vehicle of affection on our planet,” he explained through a post shared on Instagram after which ratified it, speaking through the phone line with the undersigned, with joy welling up in every word,

Maffio maintained that “mainly the muse will probably be accountable for helping children. Only handicapped children, children with cancer in Miami, every part that has to do with children. This will probably be the platform that can give hope to those children, who perhaps imagine that there is no such thing as a light at the tip of the tunnel.”

At all times happy with his roots and unapologetic about having lived through extreme economic poverty, he emphasizes that “he was one among those kids and every part he saw around him was negative. Where I come from, it doesn’t feel good (Las Cañitas).”

He added that “once you imagine that each one that exists on the earth is the neighborhood, then, there is no such thing as a hope, and I would like to offer those children hope, without going to jail and without being killed,” Maffio specifies, regarding the social programs he’ll implement through Higher than Wonderfull Foundation.”

Maffio is a highly regarded figure within the international entertainment world. He has turn out to be the primary advocate for kids through social networks with impressive simplicity.

The producer commented that “children are the longer term. For them I’ll do every part in my power to offer them hope and allow them to know that there’s a world waiting for them.”

“Humbly, I’m starting with this foundation from scratch and it’s a process and I do know in my heart, we may help a whole lot of kids and eventually hundreds of thousands,” in accordance with Maffio, who’s the daddy of two beautiful creatures he loves madly and the fruit of a family formed with the versatile “probably the most Latin gringa,” as he is understood on Instagram to his wife, K Marie, whom he met within the Dominican Republic.

Briefly about Maffio

He was declared “Latin American Pride” by RoseMaryNews, while his profession as a Latin American producer inside america continues to rise.

His hits travel the world with extensive musical production and composition, and he has hundreds of thousands of followers on his social networks.

Recognized as probably the most versatile talents in Latin music, the producer has worked with artists comparable to Pitbull, Akon, Nacho, Nicky Jam, and Farruko, amongst other renowned artists whose careers have earned him multiple awards, including the coveted Grammy.

His first single under the Sony Music label, “Cristina,” along with Nacho, Justin Quiles, and Shelow Shaq, exceeds 120 million views on YouTube and 120 million streams on Spotify, achieving Platinum certifications within the USA, Triple Platinum in Spain, and Peru and Gold in Mexico.

The Dominican-American artist also achieved the feat of placing #1 on the radio within the USA with the song “Me Siento Bien”, for several months, also receiving Triple Platinum certification in Spain and Top 10 on Billboard because the producer of the song “Pam” by Justin Quiles X Daddy Yankee X El Alfa.

Maffio has been a pioneer within the fusion of rhythms and a key player in historic collaborations for Latin music. An example of that is the songs he has released in recent months as “Celebration,” “Mente a Na,” and “Carne,” productions that today accumulate hundreds of thousands of plays on digital platforms, being an awesome sensation for the booming music industry and art that doesn’t shrink back.

We remember the discharge of his song “Tumbagobierno” from his first studio album, which emerged throughout the election theme in america and have become one other success of the skilled producer, composer, and concrete music artist.

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