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“MAJOR FLĀVA”: New conch broth product hits the market

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — PURE FLĀVA is proudly launching its first product, the Conch Broth, billed to bring an revolutionary and exciting flavor
choice to the worldwide culinary market.

Conch Broth salted (left) No added salt (right) Bouillon (bottom). Photo: Torrel Glinton/T Glinton Photography

PURE FLĀVA is a brand of Phĭnda Roots Collaborations Ltd., a completely Bahamian women team led by Taneca Malcolm-Ward, C. Tamika Lightbourne, and Christine Turnquest-Knowles. The corporate was established in 2021 and is headquartered in Freeport, Grand Bahama. The corporate’s goal is to sell various authentically Bahamian food and beverage products locally and globally.

The new offering follows greater than two years of research and development, and shall be available salted and unsalted for everybody from the house cook to a fantastic dining chef.

The product has passed rigorous lab testing meeting all national and international regulations, in keeping with a press release, which added the broth has also undergone dietary evaluation, to be deemed a protected quality, fresh refrigerated product.

“Constructing a world-changing product and successfully launching it inside a longtime global industry with none blueprint isn’t easy, but we’re doing it,” said CEO Taneca Malcolm-Ward.

“I do know we’ve got something special; we all know we’ve got something special. This is simply the start of our journey, and we’re excited for the following phase.”

The corporate recently invited guests to interactive tasting experiences featuring conch broth, held on Grand Bahama and New Windfall with local chefs
preparing delectable bites.

Chef Kirklin Wildgoose said: “That is an exceptionally versatile product. It might probably be used to reinforce so many traditional Bahamian dishes including soups, stews, rice, and it may even be used in additional experimental dishes.”

“Very rarely do new products encourage me to create new food and kitchen terms like this product does,” said celebrity chef Simeon Hall Jr.

“I’m hooked on the ‘conch funk’ aka umami and savory notes and have a new outlook on conch like never before.”

Based on the statement, the conch broth is coming soon to a neighborhood farmers market, pop-up event, or local
food market.

Malcolm-Ward says: “PURE FLĀVA is able to be a household brand, and we will’t wait to bring our products to the Bahamian public and the world.”

The corporate said there are also two additional PURE FLĀVA products currently under research and development.

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