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Marc Anthony delights Dominicans with 12 songs on the Olympic Stadium

Marc Anthony is certainly one of those artists that’s all the time value seeing even when he leaves the general public wanting more of him. Equivalent to in his presentation on Thursday night on the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium where he only offered the Dominicans 12 songs from his extensive repertoire.

An hour and 20 minutes was the precise time that the individuals who gathered on the stadium, conditioned for under 15,000 people, enjoyed the Puerto Rican artist on stage.

With a mixture of tracks from the songs that he would later perform loudly, Marc Anthony marked his entrance on stage accompanied by his faithful musicians who once more showed his talent with the instruments.

Around 10 pm, stuffed with energy, dressed completely in black and wearing dark glasses, “El Flaco” began with “Pa´llá voy”, the primary single from the album of the identical name, released recently. The artist set foot on Dominican soil as a part of his “Living tour” tour with which he demonstrates that even though it has been 29 years since his debut, his style and identity inside salsa has earned him affection and recognition. of the general public.

Themes equivalent to “Valió la pena ”, “And there was someone”, “Against the present”, were chanted by the spectators out loud, but 12 songs weren’t enough they usually desired to proceed having fun with more. Marc Anthony wasted deliciousness showing that, along with being a living legend of salsa, he not only sings it, but in addition dances it and loves it.

The artist, together along with his masterful band, delighted those present along with his voice and dance steps while performing a few of his hits which have marked generations. Songs like “Until yesterday”, “What price does heaven have” and “Flor pálida” were enough with which its chords will sound in order that the general public will begin to chant it.

The 54-year-old salsero had little interaction with the Dominican public. “I’m at home”, were his first words to the attendees and that’s the way it is because the artist has a villa in Casa de Campo, La Romana.

Between song and song, Marc Anthony took a moment to blow kisses to his girlfriend, the primary finalist of Miss Universe 2021, Nadia Ferreira, his faithful companion since they made their relationship public five months ago. He then paused again to say: “May God bless you and long live the Dominican Republic.”

 The list of songs was followed by “What a price does heaven have”, “Bad”, “I do know you well”, “They look like Friday”, after the latter the singer said goodbye to the general public, but it surely was to return a couple of minutes later overflowing with Energy. “Tu amor me bien” and “Vivir mi vida” were the songs with which Marc Anthony said goodbye to the Dominicans at 11:25 at night, leaving an audience with the need to proceed having fun with his music.


Source: Listin Diario

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