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Money is crucial, but education is the important thing to success!

By Carlton Ishmael

On my morning programme on HITZ FM earlier this week, I said that our intellectuals and technocrats are failing us. We’ve got loads of social issues and lots of wants and wishes because it pertains to guiding our young people, but there’s an absence of practical solutions, or initiatives to arrest juvenile delinquency.

Most parents being single and burdened with the survival of the family unit cannot commit the overtime to help their children in shaping their lives. There are just a few private efforts, nevertheless it often comes at a value, and the state’s development plans don’t seem to incorporate providing safety nets for kids.

All year long, for political mileage, many retailers and units resembling community centers, playing fields, basketball and tennis courts have been built or erected, but no comprehensive training, or workshops have been established at a consistent level — especially on occasions when there are school holidays, summer breaks or evenings after school, and weekends.

We tell and ask the youngsters to exit and play, construct new friendships, mingle and become involved with other children, especially from the community, but with no motivation.

We frequently speak about unemployment, especially among the many youth, but still don’t engage them in contributing to our social growth.

Departments of various types fall in need of enforcing programmes of enlightenment or progressive training.

Monies are solicited and begged for every kind of concrete and steel projects, however the human element of growth is generally omitted.

The remaining of the world is moving on, technological gadgets make information more available at our finger suggestions, yet we sit back and wait for foreign interests to guide our path, or spend money on our future. As usual, we’re waiting for some high-paying consultants to advise us, or set the inspiration, or higher yet, provide you with the funds. And sometimes, even after we are given the needed help, we squander, misappropriate, or embezzle the funds, or redirect the funds for political mileage.

We travel and visit worlds which have so many modules to borrow from, but seldom see the necessity for implementation at home. We ceaselessly search for miracles to cope with the problems, but is not going to put our shoulders to the wheel.

I do know that a part of our colonial past has made us dependent, however the world around us is rapidly changing, and if we don’t do for ourselves, we will probably be left behind.

Money is crucial, but education is the important thing to success. Not everyone might be self-motivated and the faculties and existing learning institutions lack forward-planning or pondering outside the box and in most communities, few decide to commit, unless they’re being handsomely rewarded, or see the technique of using their input to possibly vie for becoming a candidate for one in all the 2 parties.

Although some businesses may support or sponsor, without prudent planning about what’s there to speculate in, unless it’s a scheme to counterpoint one personally. We lack caring, we’ve got no drive, we lack commitment and we’re all out of affection for our fellow man. But when we do show interest, it’s about how much we’ll receives a commission, but never about contributing to today’s children, in preparation for tomorrow.

It is going to be so nice for some people to depart a legacy, to be remembered long after death for the nice deeds they’d done, to be remembered for one’s contribution, but so often it’s about self, family and shut friends.

What a tragic state of affairs.

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