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More vendors to maneuver into Fairchild Street Market Village

Fruit and vegetable vendors who’re anxiously awaiting the completion of Phase Two of Fairchild Street Market Village will find a way to maneuver into their new stalls in a matter of weeks.

Following a tour of the project by which construction began in April, Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Indar Weir told Barbados TODAY he was satisfied the stalls can be accomplished by mid-October, paving the way in which for vendors to maneuver in by the tip of that very same month.

He said he was pleased with the design of the final market space and the configuration of the stall facilities.

“As you realize, now we have already accomplished Phase One in every of the vendors’ market where the food and beverage stalls are situated, and now we’re on Phase Two which is closer to the essential road where the fruit and vegetable vendors might be. I’m comfortable with the progress I saw during my visit there this morning, I’m very happy with what I saw,” he said. 

The primary two phases of the Fairchild Street Market Village have been projected to cost $3.8 million. The ability will cater to 112 vendors and include 48 food and beverage stalls and two bathrooms. A carpark may also be accommodated on the new location.

Several construction corporations are working on the project.

Phase Two is being constructed on the identical spot because the old market.

While there have been concerns expressed during Phase One in regards to the allocation of stall spaces, Minister Weir assured the fruit and vegetable vendors that their new spots would rely upon the scale of the stalls they occupied once they plied their trade on the old market.

“We allocated the scale of stalls based on what people were doing previously. There isn’t any way on earth that you’re going to avoid people probably not being comfortable if someone has a stall that appears to be greater than theirs.

“We had individuals who had a certain size stall and also you give them back that size stall but then there have been others who may need had a stall that was barely greater, after which people would say ‘how come this body got a much bigger stall?’ And people are the forms of things that individuals will engage in until they’re settled. Then they realise that you just were giving people back what that they had,” Minister Weir explained. 

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