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National Dishes of the Caribbean

Barbados - Cou-cou and Flying Fish

The Caribbean could be very interconnected and that might be seen within the foods we eat. We frequently find varieties of the identical dish across the region with different names or possibly the identical name but prepared otherwise. Whether it’s the people or the food, once you travel through the Caribbean islands, you’re sure to seek out something to like. Listed here are a couple of national dishes from around region.

Antigua & Barbuda: Fungee & Pepperpot

Fungee is the name given to cornmeal cooked with okra in salted water and boiled to a paste and pepperpot combines quite a lot of meats and vegetables boiled to a soup-like finish.

Barbados: Cou-Cou & Flying Fish

Photo compliments CaribCuisine

Cou-Cou, much like Antigua and Barbauda’s Fungee, is made with cornmeal, flour, and okra, steamed flying fish and gravy are added on the side.

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Dominica: Callaloo Soup

The national dish of Dominica was once mountain chicken but because that is an endangered frog species, it was modified to callaloo soup. It is a combination of leafy vegetables, ground provisions, meat and coconut milk.

Grenada: Oil Down

Grenada - Oil Down
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Oil down is made with breadfruit and other ground provisions together with layers of of your alternative of meats and the opposite vegetables.

Guyana: Pepperpot

Though similar in name to Antigua’s national dish, this differs considerably. Guyana’s pepperpot is made with cassareep and your alternative of meat, and is served with white rice or peas.

Haiti: Griots with Rice & Beans

Haiti - Griots with Rice & Beans
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Cubes of pork are boiled then fried and served as a predominant entrée. It is normally served with rice and peas.

Jamaica: Ackee & Saltfish

Served mainly as a breakfast meal, ackee and saltfish is a flexible meal. Ackee is a fruit that when prepared, it resembles scrambled eggs. The saltfish is boiled to remove among the saltiness, then fried up with green peppers, and onions.

Saint Lucia: Green Fig & Saltfish

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Green figs, or green bananas, are boiled or stewed and served with salt fish. Just like Jamaica’s ackee and saltfish, that is most frequently served as a breakfast meal.

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines: Roasted breadfruit and fried jackfish

The breadfruit is roasted on firewood, then baked in an oven until soft. The jackfish is then fried and the pair is normally served with local golden apple juice.

Trinidad & Tobago: Crab & Callaloo

Photo compliments TheSpruceEats

Callaloo, much like the Antiguan pepperpot, is a cook up of a mixture of vegetables and meats. The dark green soupy concoction is well seasoned and is a staple of Trinis in all places.

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