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National Nutrition Centre’s Message for World Food Day

The National Nutrition Centre joins with organisations all around the world in celebrating World Food Day 2022 under the theme, Leave No One Behind.

Barbados, like many other countries around the globe, has seen major developments through the years and nutrition isn’t any exception. Despite significant progress in the realm of nutrition, there continues to be much to be done.

As our country tries to rebound from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary that nutrition efforts be directed at achieving health equity inside our population.

Consistent with this commitment, the National Nutrition Centre wishes to proceed our response to the favored request for information on the subject: Healthy Eating on a Budget. Listed here are some suggestions below:

  • Plan to make use of a wide range of foods which are easily accessible and inexpensive. This includes locally grown foods and people in season.
  • Grow more of what you eat and eat those foods that you simply grow.
  • Include nutritious lower cost protein options more often, corresponding to dried peas and beans.
  • Select inexpensive whole food options like whole grains, whole fruit and vegetables, as a substitute of those which are highly processed or refined.

For more information on how you’ll be able to eat healthy on a budget, Contact the National Nutrition Centre at telephone number 536-3852 or email: [email protected].

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