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National Philharmonic Orchestra thrills with Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela music


The Trinidad and Tobago National Philharmonic Orchestra performs at the celebration of the 61st anniversary of diplomatic relations between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela on the National Academy for the Performing Arts, Frederick Stret, Port of Spain. – Grevic Alvarado


The Trinidad and Tobago National Philharmonic Orchestra gave a pleasant performance of TT and Venezuelan music on the celebration of the 61st anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations between the 2 countries on the National Academy for the Performing (NAPA), Frederick Street, Port of Spain.

The concert was jointly organised by the Venezuelan embassy and the Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs.

Dr Roger Henry conducted the orchestra which played typical Venezuelan and Trinidadian songs that thrilled the audience on September 14.

Venezuelan Ambassador Álvaro Sánchez Cordero noted that history and culture are fundamental elements of the brotherhood between the each countries.

He said, “Venezuela and TT have been strategic allies practically because the starting of TT’s independent life. Nevertheless, our relationship extends beyond 1962, as Venezuela and TT have remained culturally and historically united for greater than 200 years, and even for millennia, if we consider our ancestral indigenous origins, common to each countries.”

Venezuelan ambassador to TT Alvaro Sanchez Cordero, second from left, and his daughter Helena Sanchez Rey presented a bouquet to conducter Dr Roger Henry the National Philharmonic Orchestra.
– Grevic Alvarado

Neela Ram-Atwaroo, everlasting secretary (Ag) Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs spoke of the close ties between the 2 countries, in addition to the potential for exchange and co-operation in strategic sectors comparable to energy and transportation.

She said, “It’s an honour to have a good time 61 years of brotherhood between TT and our Venezuelan neighbours. The political and cultural relations between each countries allow us to trust in integration and collaboration through art and music. Like TT, Venezuela has a love for drums and the celebrations of Saint John’s Day in Mandela Park by the Venezuelan community reveal this. Venezuela loves calypso they usually commemorate their day by appreciating the Trinidadian heritage.”

The National Philharmonic Orchestra opened the concert with the enduring piece, Venezuela, by Pablo Herrero and José Luis Armenteros. This was followed by Venezuelan-Trinidadian musician and composer Lionel Belasco with Luna de Maracaibo, Palmas de Maracaibo and Venezuela. The orchestra then played Analicia by Rafael Osuna, Desilusión by Juan Vicente Torrealba, and Caballo Viejo by Simón Díaz. The Venezuelan segment of the show closed with calypso, Woman del Callao.

– Grevic Alvarado

The TT segment included the favored Progress by Winsford Devine; Savannah Grass by Kes Dieffenthaller and Henry’s own original pieces, Symphony 2: Dance and Tan Tan wrapped up the concert.

Henry recognised the work local musicians have been doing and thanked the National Orchestra System of Venezuela for sending the musical scores of the Venezuelan songs and thus contributing to the success of the concert.

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