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NCF backs Stoute’s chef clothing line

Kitchen, restaurant and bar staff all world wide can now enjoy new, stylish looks because of Quintessential by T. Stoute, a line of Food and Beverage apparel, designed by renowned local chef, Trevon Stoute.

Quintessential was funded partly by a National Cultural Foundation grant, and is the apparel partner for the Barbados Food & Rum Festival. The brand has been officially launched this month to coincide with the festival.

Actually, chefs participating in the ultimate upcoming events of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI’s) Food & Rum Festival can be wearing the Quintessential brand.

“I’m ecstatic and super, super, glad for the chance to have the complete Food & Rum team fully draped within the apparel. It’s a completely blessing. The response has been huge. People love what they’ve been seeing. They love the fit. I’m honoured to see the Food & Rum Festival posters plastered on the highway with the chefs in gear my company designed,” the 28-year-old said.

Stoute was also high in praise for the funding and other support provided by the NCF.

“Special thanks to the NCF. The project was a tricky undertaking from the get go. It was a really expensive project and the NCF did assist with the grant and I appreciate that. Any assistance is an enormous help.

“The method was a tedious one nevertheless it was tedious for a reason. The NCF grant process ensured that I used to be well-organised and had all my geese in a row which is nice for anyone starting a new business,” he stated.

“Quintessential was born out of a desire to revolutionise apparel within the Food and Beverage industry,” the chef explained.

“As a result of the demanding nature of our work, we’ve been forced to prioritise function over fashion. But our job is about greater than flipping pasta or pouring a glass of wine; we create an immersive dining experience, and I think that we should be a component of that have as well, starting with the best way we present ourselves,” the owner and founder said.

Stoute has been one among the foremost players in Barbados’ culinary scene for several years, representing the island world wide as a culinary ambassador, and has received quite a few titles, including Barbados’ Chef of the 12 months, a Taste of the Caribbean award-winner, and the Hans Schenk Commemorative Awardee.

It is that this expertise and experience he has dropped at Quintessential, where the pieces have been designed with vital elements like water and stain repellence, breathable fabrics, and added features for increased airflow and improved fit.

“Quintessential proves that fashion and performance can comfortably coexist. It means the world to me that I’ve been capable of design pieces that function like well-oiled machines within the kitchen, while maintaining a superior level of elegance and magnificence the moment you step out of the kitchen.”

Stoute added: “Ultimately, I need our food & beverage teams to be ok with themselves. I need the guts and soul we put into our work to be reflected in the best way we present ourselves while on the job.”

The Quintessential line currently includes chef’s coats, mixologist jackets, servers’ shirts and aprons, and is currently offered online with worldwide shipping available.  (PR) 

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