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No arrests at ‘perfect’ Tobago carnival


Cops in riot gear keep an in depth eye on proceedings during J’Ouvert celebrations in Crown Point last Saturday. – David Reid

Tobago Snr Supt Junior Benjamin has said no arrests were made through the island’s inaugural carnival celebrations.

The festivities were held from October 28-30, with 1000’s of holiday makers from Trinidad and other parts of the world flocking to the island.

In an interview with Newsday on Tuesday, Benjamin said: “All the things went based on plan – nobody was locked up, for anything in any respect. There was police presence throughout, it was as perfect as could be.”

He noted that roughly 145 officers were sent from Trinidad to help, as he gave his commendations.

“Because the police, we did our part. I feel we did pretty much given those situations. I’m very happy with my officers and the work that they did over the carnival period – extremely pleased with them.”

Questioned concerning the traffic congestion observed through the J’Ouvert celebrations, much to the disapproval of revellers, Benjamin said the Crown Point venue must be reconsidered. At roughly 9:30am, police ended the revelry by stopping the music, but exiting the realm proved to be a nightmare for eastbound drivers, who remained in gridlock traffic for several hours.

“That shouldn’t be the place to place it. There is totally nothing we could have done for that – they should move it from Canaan/ Crown Point. It is simply too big for Canaan/ Crown Point.”

He said the parade of the bands also stalled. “It wasn’t moving anywhere. Even when the primary band got here down the road and so they meet to the top, they were presupposed to go to the (Store Bay) Heritage Park – they went nowhere.”

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