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Nothing cold about ICE! – Barbados Today

The lawns of Green Acres, The Belle, St Michael were a sea of color when party-goers descended there for ICE Food Inclusive Garden Party on Sunday.

And while the event’s name is synonymous with cold, the one thing cold on the fete were the drinks on the bar. There was heat generated within the place by the partying crowd that not even the persistent showers could compete with. Every time the rain threatened to dampen spirits or end the festivities it failed – miserably.

Many party-goers were so adamant that the showers wouldn’t prevail, that they remained within the pouring rain dancing and frolicking the night away.

No rain could stop the jam and that was since the vibes from the slew of DJs and the live performances made it compelling to party. The one thing the rain succeeded in doing was hampering the VIP parking arrangement and adding to parking delays but that was the farthest thing from the minds of those that got here from 4 p.m. and didn’t leave until the last song.

The event which was scheduled to finish at 11 p.m. afforded patrons the added treat of an additional hour of fun. It was clear that if the music had not ended many would have still been there caught up within the vibe.

The gang was made up of the young and never so young but there was entertainment which catered to each. DJs did a fantastic job in keeping their sets versatile enough to interact the whole party crowd. The road-up of deejays included Ramon G, Hutchy and Sizz, Sheldon Papp & Chasey The Entertainer, Level Vibes, Nico Vybz and Gunner, Bubbles & Evolution, Fullklip, and closed off with Jerry Dan of Freedom Sounds. The hosts were Shana and Ras.

Entertainment went to a different level when ‘Daddy landed’ on stage. Mole The Chef performed a few of his signature hits and threw the large right into a frenzy. He in turn prolonged his ‘stage’ as he made his way into the gang to sing, dance and hype the vibe.

Lil Rick owned the fete when he made the event one huge September celebration. He paused as he sang his cover of Comfortable Birthday and invited “all who got a birthday in September” on stage much to the delight of the ICE massive.

With smiling faces, dancing and hands within the air, the “September borns” seemed greater than elated to affix Lil Rick on stage for his or her moment.

The fete billed: ‘The End of Summer Experience’ was just that. It was a well-planned and executed fete by promoters ICE Events246. A completely top-notch experience which was great value for money given the admission price. From the food, because of chef Greig Greenidge; to the drinks; to the atmosphere and decor; to the sound system and the vibe – time was had by all. (IMC)

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