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Opposition Leader Stays Locked in a World of Delusion

With Saint Lucians more aware of how the world turns and the results of worldwide developments on nations and populations, in a heavily interconnected world, it’s non-sensical for political opponents guilty the Philip J. Pierre administration for the worldwide increases in food and fuel prices. Contrary to claims that the federal government is earning more and helping less, the Pierre administration has indicated that the Treasury is giving up just over a million dollars monthly to subsiding cooking gas to cushion the impact of rising prices.

On April 11, a 20-lbs cylinder of cooking gas was set to rise to $62, until the federal government increased its subsidy by 37% — from $16.13 to $22.10 per cylinder — bringing the present price all the way down to $39.81.

Within the last two months, fuel prices have been increasing in CARICOM nations, Saint Lucia being no exception.

The federal government agreed earlier this week, to fare increases for public transport, after a protracted period of negotiations dating back to the last administration, following the financial woes suffered by mini-bus operators throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and now increases in fuel prices.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Allen Chastanet continues to pretend that COVID, Supply Chain problems and the Ukraine war doesn’t exist, never mind consumers worldwide are facing the identical price increases confronting Saint Lucians.

The UWP leader, obviously unaffected by the rising prices that adversely affect nearly all of us, insists on remaining a stranger to truth and shutting his eyes to the federal government’s continuing efforts to shield consumers, a situation made tougher by his mismanagement of the country’s funds during his reign as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

But while Chastanet stays locked in a world of delusion, nearly all of Saint Lucians and the remaining of the world are forced to regulate to the new international economic realities.

As Easter approaches, UK consumer prices have already hit an unprecedented 30-year high, the very best since 1992; and the US inflation rate increased by 40% — one other record high.

From Sri Lanka to Russia, nations in every single place are starting to default on their debts repayments.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has confirmed that the Ukraine war has halved world trade; and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) continues to warn that food prices will proceed to rise, encouraging poor and developing nations to plant and eat more local produce.

But by Chastanet’s measure, none of this is occurring.

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