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Orlando Hinds ready for Richard Stoute Teen Talent Show

Entertainer Orlando Hinds travels from Brooklyn, New York, to Barbados yearly to attend the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Show. 

“I at all times try to return here as often as possible because I actually love Barbados and that’s why I need to be here,” he said.

This yr isn’t any different and the entertainer, who was in the sport for over 35 years, told Barbados TODAY that he is happy to be on the island once more because for him it’s all about sowing seeds into the youth through his special performances.

The previous St Leonards student says he fully supports the positive work of Stoute, who he met through the Mighty Grynner, and he still looks as much as Stoute as an idol. He’s blissful to be a featured performer on the Teen Talent Show.

Greater than performing, he says all he desires to do is to support the young performers.

“I feel it’s necessary to present them any help or support you possibly can give them. That’s the explanation why I considered coming here to perform because I wish to help,” he said.

He recalled that he began singing within the church. Back then it was the Church of God of Prophecy where he sang as a young boy. As he got older he became an element of a neighborhood band within the Hillaby, St Andrew, community and he says from there he grew in voice and experience.

Currently living in Brooklyn, Hinds says that he’s very grateful for the assistance of Stoute and he’s also impressed with the talent locally.

“I’m one among the few individuals who haven’t come through the teenager talent show but Richard tries to assist in any way that he can. The talent here may be very high and as I said I travel loads, I’m going to a variety of competitions however the talent here may be very high. I feel Barbados has a variety of talent. The youngsters listed below are very talented,” he added.

Hinds says as an entertainer, he hopes to see something done for the Barbadians entertainers who live abroad.

“We at all times have an issue getting our music pushed down here and I don’t understand why. I might like to see them do something to get our music pushed abroad because we’re Bajans too. I feel we deserve a likelihood similar to anyone else. My music is played abroad but to get it played locally I at all times have a difficult time,” he said.

Hinds says he recently released Slow Down, a reggae number, and Get Down, which is a soca song.

He may be found on Youtube as Orlando Hinds. (MR)

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