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OTT’s Fame treat thrills patrons

On Sunday night, for the primary time in two years, members of the Operation Triple Threat (OTT) team were in a position to return centrestage, in front of a live audience, with the staging of Fame Jr.

As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, the live version of their last show The Theory of Relativity, was forced to be cancelled. Nonetheless, it was subsequently offered as a streamed event to the delight of their fans.

This return to the stage, for one night only, was equally welcomed by performers and patrons alike. Nonetheless, adaptations were made to make sure the production on the Frank Collymore Hall could go on. One in every of the precautions was the imposition of a bubble to make sure a healthy forged.

Their hectic rehearsal schedule, which was chronicled on their Instagram page, paid off. With a bevy of new faces within the camp they mounted a high calibre performance with which the organisation has turn out to be synonymous. Solid members doubled as stagehands to make sure that well thought out props seamlessly created the vivid scenes.

The storyline highlighted the respective journeys of the artistes’ progression through their tenure on the New York Highschool for Performing Arts, where the tenets of the craft were of the upmost importance.

This selection was indeed fitting because there was an obvious parallel between the storyline and OTT’s deal with creating well-rounded performers.

Not only were the props on point and the choreography eye-catching however the wardrobe was harking back to the garb that was the wear and tear when the unique production was staged within the Eighties. From the males clad within the micro shorts to the women of their vibrant leg warmers, the audience was easily transported to a special time and place.

Patrons were treated to strong performances by the lead actors and actresses who addressed problems corresponding to dyslexia to eating disorders.

Despite their varied stories, the one constant was their quest for fame. Though the production had serious undertones in its messaging, humour was effectively used to maintain the packed audience dialled in. Music from the unique show was incorporated and the audience enjoyed the well-known hit Fame.  On the close of the night the team’s labor was rewarded with a standing ovation. (STT)

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