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PM Mottley salutes Jamaica on its sixtieth anniversary of Independence

Prime Minister Mia Mottley described Jamaica as a  “colossus” as she congratulated the island on its sixtieth anniversary of Independence being celebrated today.

Below is the complete text of the PM Mottley’s message: 

Viewed against the enormity of this world, Jamaica is but slightly speck of land in an unlimited ocean. What she and her people have achieved, nonetheless, makes her nothing in need of a colossus!
From music and culture, to food and sport, all immersed in a language that exudes vibrance and emotion, Jamaica stands today as a shining example of what a people can [achieve] once they put their minds to it.
Today, my friends, I congratulate you on 60 years of Independence, a mere page in a proud history — but a page that this world cannot ignore.

To the Government and other people of Jamaica, to our Jamaican brothers and sister across this globe, it’s my fervent wish as you rejoice this diamond jubilee that the subsequent 60 years will mirror and even exceed the very best of your past 60.
The people of Barbados, just as we now have revelled within the success of your athletes on the world stage, particular in recent months, we share the enjoyment of this anniversary as if it were our own.
Remember, the goal for which we attempt sees the Caribbean Sea, not as a divider, but a bridge that links as us a standard people, with a standard history and customary challenges that may only be overcome by shared approaches.
Within the words of considered one of your most famous sons, and considered one of our region’s most loved philosophers, Robert Bob Marley:
“One love, one heart
Let’s  get together and feel all right”.
Today, we raise our glasses with you: Completely satisfied sixtieth Anniversary of Independence, Jamaica!

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