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PM people-focused – Barbados Today

Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s fundamental focus is on improving the lives of Barbadians and folks living within the Caribbean.

Mottley made her intentions clear today while speaking on the Time 100 Summit in New York, stating that she would proceed to fight for the rights of developing countries.

During her interview with Time Magazine CEO and Editor-In-Chief Edward Felsenthal, Mottley, who was recently named by the magazine as one among the 100 most influential people of 2022, contended that Barbados and the remainder of the region continued to be disadvantaged due to size.

When asked what her top priority this 12 months was, the Prime Minister said: “To make life easier for our people in Barbados, the Caribbean and customarily within the developing world.

“We don’t have the difficulty of specializing in one issue, now we have to concentrate on all and regrettably now we have faced three crisis in the previous few years. We’ve faced the climate crisis which is constant and existential in a really possible way. We’ve faced the pandemic which is COVID but we’re also facing the antimicrobial resistance slow-motion pandemic which individuals don’t discuss and which we talk about since it’s answerable for 1.2 million deaths a 12 months directly and five million deaths not directly. Thirdly, we’ve faced the implications of the war that has broken out this 12 months, which is being seen in inflation, particularly food inflation, energy inflation…It’s lots.

“We’ve got to seek out a way of making space to be sure that those people who find themselves on the margins of development, largely due to their history, largely because we’ve not had the sort of equitable, strong leadership globally that sees people, hears people and feels people. We’ve got to maintain fighting for them and that’s what we’re attempting to do.”

Mottley maintained that not enough was being done to “construct bridges” to attach mankind.

“We’re not constructing that platform to bridge the differences whether it’s the difference on the perspectives of climate or any of the key issues and I feel an increasing number of we want to learn the art of constructing dignified bridges to have the ability to be sure that humanity can come together in that common space,” the Prime Minister said.

Mottley also used the chance to thank Time Magazine for acknowledging her contributions which she said were for the advantage of Barbados and the region.

“I see your recognizing me as recognizing a message that’s coming from the developing world and coming from Barbados and the Caribbean and I need to thanks for having the courage to acknowledge that message because we want more people globally to simply accept that if we simply proceed as is we have already got a cementing of what the world looked like in 1945…” Mottley said. (RB)

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