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PM promotes tourism product in Dubai

Prime Minister Mia Mottley,  while celebrating Barbados Day within the United Arab Emirates earlier today, says she hopes the island’s tourism product may be well boosted by the Barbadian presence in that country.

Mottley was speaking during an interview with Dubai Eye Radio’s journalist Brandy Scott at Expo 2020.

“Whether it’s tourism, whether it’s international business and whether within the sale of our products which are unique … getting the word on the market to as many individuals as possible is very important to us to be able to sustain our lifestyle, our economy and this was a beautiful opportunity to start to alter a number of the sources of our tourism away from our traditional sources, recognizing that we mainly want people to come back from all around the world,” she said

“Being Bajan is about understanding who Barbadians are and appreciating who Bajans are. Our people really are our best resource and we’ve come to punch above our weight, I believe, and others have recognized that and we would like to have the ability to proceed to supply global residents with Bajan roots. We’re only 166 square miles but we see ourselves as residents of this world. To that extent we feel our voice matters and we feel our actions also must reflect who we’re but we would like to walk the walk and never and never just talk.”

Mottley spoke to the importance of Barbados’ presence on the expo, which she said is one other move in having Barbados placed within the international highlight.

“Each the expo and the embassy represent the constructing of bridges. We were each colonized by the British but we don’t know one another and that is our opportunity now to know one another. We became independent in 1966 five years after the UAE became independent and we’ve had similar journeys,” the Prime Minister said.

Mottley also made mention of National heroes Sir Garfield Sobers who’s often called the best all-rounder of all times and spoke proudly of the excellence of Barbados’ second female National Hero, Pop Star Rihanna.

“[Rihanna’s] best strength, while her music has been absolutely sensible, her best strength has been in how she has run her business. She took the makeup industry and didn’t take the normal approach and she or he has made sure there have been shades for each human being alive,” Mottley said glowingly. (MR)

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