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Profit concert staged to lift medical funds for industry trailblazer Paul Hanna

Benefit concert staged to raise medical funds for industry trailblazer Paul Hanna

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Musicians and lovers of music all around the Bahamas are coming together in a show of affection and unity to support a trailblazer within the industry, Paul Hanna.

He and his wife Tanya are known for presenting a few of the classiest performances, bringing together singers and musicians for worthy causes. Their line-up at all times includes a bunch of entertainers, making their events exciting and memorable.

As Paul faces certainly one of his biggest life battles, friends are coming together to host a special concert in his honor to help together with his medical expenses.

On Saturday, May 28, 2022, the Paul Hanna and Friends CD Release and Profit Concert can be held on the Humidor, Graycliff, West Street. Leading the lineup of top-class artists is Paul’s wife and partner Tanya Hanna.

Her interpretations of the American SongBook, jazz classics, popular R&B tunes and complicated Latin melodies have a universal appeal that has kept her in high demand for personal events locally and abroad. She is joined by the likes of Pamela Woods; Richa Sands; the Vice Versa Trio; Karrington McKenzie; Troika Hanna; Osano Neely; the Jazz Cats; Dylan Knowles and Chris Justillien. The event can be hosted by Osano Neely and Erin Brown.

Just Recently, on Saturday April 30, 2022, Paul was honored, in addition to the late Sir Sidney Poitier, through the UNESCO International Jazz Day. Under the theme: “Celebrating Our Pioneers”, UNESCO The Bahamas Commission held a free outdoor variety concert showcasing each new and acclaimed artists.

Paul and Tanya are renowned Bahamian musicians, vocalists, songwriters, musical playwriters, producers, and community activists. They’ve performed together within the Caribbean, the USA and Canada since 1984. They’ve worked with quite a few internationally known artists including R&B singer Jeffrey Osbourne, percussionist Jeff Haynes, composer/producer Gary Haase, producer/singer Roger Ryan, jazz pianist Chick, and Gail Corea, and sax player and jazz lecturer the late Stan Getz.

To witness Paul Hanna and Friends CD Release and Profit Concert on Saturday May 28 from 6-8pm, visit www.ariamusicclass.com/shop. Donations towards Paul’s medical funds may also be made to: Tanya Hanna, CIBC First Caribbean Palmdale Branch 09786, checking account 201672710.

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