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Promoters may apply for Seasonal Liquor Licences

As promoters prepare to host events through the Season of Emancipation and the Crop Over Festival, they’re being reminded that they might apply for a Seasonal Liquor Licence, in the event that they can be staging several events during a 90-day period.

This reminder has come from the acting Director of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Bertram Johnson, who said with the introduction of the new liquor licence online process on April 1, 2022, seasonal licences for the sale of liquor at events occurring over a three-month period are actually being offered.

Mr. Johnson stated: “Government’s mandate is to enhance the benefit of doing business in all areas and to be certain that commerce is conducted in a seamless and effective way.

“The new category of licence throughout the Act allows clients to use for a seasonal licence, which could be used multiple times during a 90-day period, thus saving applicants time while planning events.”  Every other obligations mandatory to conduct restaurant and entertainment services would still be required.

Mr. Johnson continued: “The issuance of a liquor licence gives permission to sell alcohol ONLY, and subsequently liquor licence holders engaging in food services and the playing of music are reminded that they need to apply for those requisite permissions from the suitable agencies.”

Individuals may apply for a liquor licence online at liquorlicence.gov.bb, and pay through Government’s EZpay+ platform, using debit or bank card transactions.

As well as, those that applied online and received an email from the Department of Commerce stating that the licence was approved pending payment, may now pay at any Post Office across the island.

Liquor licence applicants may receive support from the Help Desk on the Liquor Licence Authority, Department of Commerce, First Floor, West Wing, Warrens Office Complex, Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.  Those with queries may call the Liquor Licence Authority at 535-7011 or 535-7019, or email [email protected].

Individuals applying online for liquor licences will need to have a legitimate email address since they’ll receive their certificates via that medium. (BGIS)

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