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Rap artists which might be retiring from music

Rappers are earning something of a fame for retiring and un-retiring again with astounding frequency. Most enthusiasts of the industry know that Jay-Z famously retired in 2003, only to come back back a number of years later with a comeback album. Whether this was a marketing gimmick or a sincere change of heart is open to debate. 

Nonetheless, some retirements do appear to be more prone to stick than others. The large retirement this yr is Logic. Nonetheless, the history of retirements and comebacks for other artists leaves questions as as to if he’ll stay retired. 


Logic said he was done writing and singing because he desires to give attention to being a beautiful father. He also just got a really strong Twitch deal which can have had some influence on his retirement decision. 

He has just released his goodbye album, No Pressure. This album is supposed to mark a decade long profession that has generated tremendous revenue stream and built a robust fan base. This album characterizes the rapper’s over-the-top honesty and soulful sounds. 

Past Retirements and Un-Retirements

Jay-Z Is maybe the best-known for an enormous un-retirement. He retired in 2003 with some of the well-known farewell tours in all of Hip Hop. The album,  Black Album was speculated to be his profession capper. Nonetheless, three years later he got here back with one other album, and one other solo project was released in 2017. Due to this fact, it could hardly be said that Jay-Z is actually retired. 

Short Dog

Short dog was a Bay Area rapper who built a hip hop sound that became well-known for the world. He was an independent hip-hop artist who sold his tapes from his trunk or wherever he could reasonably than signing with a label. 

Nonetheless, eight years after his arguably best album, Life is… too short. He had continued to do thoroughly, but he was getting bored with the industry. His closing album was gettin’ it,  which was a stupendous technique to say goodbye. Nonetheless,  Short Dog got here back in 3 years and since then has released one other 10 albums.

 A Tribe Called Quest

While all the individuals on this band go on to have their very own musical careers, A Tribe Called Quest called it with the love movement, which was intended to be the ultimate album from this extremely famous hip-hop band. This album misses out on a number of what fans love from the previous albums and seems a bit bit less vigorous and lacking in joy. 

While all three artists within the band did go on to release great solo projects, evidently it was a tragic end for this extremely popular band. Nonetheless, in 2016, the band suddenly released a new album that had contributions posthumously from certainly one of the members. This album actually stood because the last album for the band, the members of which were moving quickly in numerous directions.

Master P

New Orleans native Master P began on his own, with no label, only a Short Dog did. Nonetheless, he wasn’t just eager about getting around the necessity for labels. He desired to make his own label. 

By the late 90s, he had achieved his goal by turning No Limit Records into an amazing empire. He went further to construct his brand by making the albums he released a few of the perfect designed within the industry. 

After making tens of millions, Master P announced his retirement with a farewell album. Nonetheless, a mere 16 months later he was back with one other album and has contributed half a dozen more since then.


Mase rose rapidly into popularity with 3 gold or platinum singles right off the bat. Due to this fact, it was very surprising when he announced that his next full-length album can be his last. This album didn’t do nearly in addition to the primary, but this is not why he claimed he was retiring.

As a substitute, he planned to change into a Christian pastor and leave the music business normally. Actually, he was back in a number of years with a sample single Welcome Back Carter. Nonetheless, a new album he had intended to create never got here into being, leaving his return to the music industry steeped insults from other artists.

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