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Reading still vital in a hi-tech world

Despite several technological advances in education, the act of reading books still plays a critical role in the event of young students.

This was the message shared Tuesday by Kaylene Kellman-Holder, Education Officer for Planning, Research and International Relations on the Ministry of Education, as she spoke during a book handing over ceremony on the Media Resource Centre of the SJPI (Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology) being done by three local authors, Dr. Yvonne Weekes, John Roett and Jeff Broomes.

Kellman-Holder, who graciously thanked the authors for his or her donations to the still new Media Resource Centre on campus, said that though the usage of technology currently plays a critical role in every aspect of education, in particularly over the previous few years of the COVID 19 pandemic, books and the art of reading them are still equally essential because the island develops its young minds.

“Books encourage students to realize through exertions with courage and hope.

Moreover, books assist in increasing the intelligence, improve memory and vocabulary, and assist in developing analytical skills. Such skills are the true mark of literacy, the inspiration upon which several twenty first century skills are built.

“It’s the goal of the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, to be sure that all learners are equipped with these critical skills,” she said.

SJPI Board Chairman, Shelton Perkins, also shared his thanks with the three authors, and cited the necessity for resource centres across the island to not only carry physical books for college students to make use of, but locally written pieces which higher tell Barbadian stories.

“It’s my hope that today’s exercise will likely be the inspiration for and the start of the populating of this and other local resource centres and libraries with the works of our own people, with the intention of expanding knowledge, and broadening horizons, especially for our youth.

“This centre stands ready and willing to receive such work.”

The books donated to the campus were: The West Indian Cricket Journey and Its Barbadian Influence by Jeff Broomes, Disaster Matters by Dr. Yvonne Weekes, and Backstage Pass by John Roett. (SB)

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