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Residents frightened about mountain climbing grocery prices

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Great Commission Ministries President Bishop Hanchell said the organization is facing a challenge with food expenses, and beyond that, there’s a security concern with people sometimes becoming aggressive after they go to gather food.

Various residents voiced their concerns about their food market bills following price hikes over the past several weeks, telling Eyewitness News they aren’t satisfied with the quantity of food they should purchase from the shop given their weekly budget.

A line formed in front of the Great Commission Ministries on Friday afternoon of individuals searching for to get a hot meal, Gerald Dorsett and Retisha Murphy each in line to get a fast bite before heading down the road to their home.

The couple said rent and other bills were of lesser importance because they noticed that that they had to reduce on lots of items they’d normally give you the option to buy on their $100 grocery budget.

“All I can say is the value keeps going up and it looks like nothing is taking place,” Dorsett said.

“Everybody in Nassau complaining concerning the price control and things within the shop. I went to purchase some grocery and I had $80 I put back a few of the things because the value was too high.” Murphy said.

One other person in line, 70-year-old Valencia described the costs within the food store as uncontrolled. She says that although she lives off of her pension after working for 50 years, she still felt the pinch when prices went up.

The senior citizen added that she takes out a $100 budget to cover her grocery expenses, nonetheless, that doesn’t stretch the best way it used to.

“What you could possibly have get, you’ll be able to’t get it anymore every part is so expensive and it’s ridiculous […] I can’t save because every month I even have to go and get that.

Tyrone Bowe explained that he was attempting to make do with what he had, and after being laid off he goes to the Great Commission to reap the benefits of the free meal.

At 54-years old, Bowe said his situation is stressful trying to take care of his vehicle and his health and give you the option to afford gas and groceries.

“It’s an excellent thing that they’re increasing the pay, it help out some in a way. […] I ain’t working now so ya need lunch day by day things slow ya see I ain’t working now so ya need lunch.”

Standing in the back of the road, pushing a stroller together with her sleeping two-year-old daughter Tatiana, Maxine Johnson told Eyewitness News that she was more concerned concerning the livelihood of her child than herself. The high prices in the shop affect her ability to get nutritious food and clean diapers for her growing child, she said, and as a 39-year-old single mother, the high prices are a blow to her budget.

“I ain’t working and I get my little coupons the tip of the month in order that form of lift me somewhat bit, ya know, things is actually tough, especially when moving into these food stores ya know its [prices] so high. It could be good in the event that they could just hold the VAT and drop the costs.”

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