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Results of joint patrols detailed

In Greater Santo Domingo they perform frequent operations.

Santo Domingo, DR
The National Police yesterday reported on the outcomes obtained within the mixed preventive operations carried out in Greater Santo Domingo, giving as a figure 1,801 cases solved by the agency.

In these joint operations, 367 trucks, 4,672 patrol units, 7,223 motorized police, 2,127 tactical units, and an estimated 34,324 law enforcement agents were deployed.

Diego Pesqueira, spokesman for the institution, said that a complete of 29 fugitives were arrested, and 221 people were found in the midst of the crime to later be arrested and dropped at justice.

Cell phones and medicines

The police declared to have recovered 216 stolen cell phones within the technology-related actions.

In the identical line, the Police reported 12,172 grams of various harmful substances seized, reminiscent of crack, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

Regarding gender violence, 169 arrest warrants were issued against aggressors, along with the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

As for the “Anti-noise Unit,” which controls sonic emissions, 76 cabinets, 113 loudspeakers, 34 “kitipos” and three music amplifiers were seized, and a warning was issued to 125 entertainment businesses.


Based on the data provided by the law enforcement agency, 55 cars reported as stolen were returned to their owners, and 19 weren’t turned in because they lacked legal documentation.

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