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Retro Vybz brings nostalgia

BARRETT…my hope for this project is that it gets a good likelihood to be heard and touch lives.

After 28 years, producer Corden Barrett has released the Retro Vybz rhythm.

In keeping with him, the project remained dormant while other productions were continued, but he felt now was the proper time for its release.

“The project was placed on pause to accommodate other projects and was practically shelved, however the time got here to resurrect the project. It has the authentic dancehall sound and matched with the lyrics brings back a nostalgic vibe of dancehall roots,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Produced by Heavyunit Productions, the rhythm was officially released on April 7. With three tracks in all, the rhythm features artistes Singdi, Hazard Poshgad, and the producer himself.

“My hope for this project is that it gets a good likelihood to be heard and touch lives with each message that the songs bring. There may be a lot to share and I just wish to construct a fan base and share great music and leave my mark in history,” Barrett added.

Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Barrett was born and raised in Spanish Town, where he noted that he discovered his passion for music.

“I’d beat all of the pots, pans, tables, you name it, and I’d discover a method to make music from them. Having a mother and father that were musical, my gift was certain to revolve around something musical; while going to high school and church I used to be all the time involved in music and performing arts,” he explained.

After years of honing his skills and learning to play different instruments, Barrett — while still an artiste — has since settled into the producer’s chair. His previous works include Ghetto Life by Mxdical, Busy Busy (God Is All Around) by Terriann Johnson, and Under The Groove (Wine Up You Body) by D.A.J.

Notably, he can also be a well-accomplished saxophonist.

As Jamaican genres proceed to tackle a new form, Barrett is encouraging other producers to to not discard their authenticity.

“While it’s OK to explore and take a look at new things, the blueprint of the genre is significant. My advice is proceed being creative and protracted. As I’d say, the sky is only the start. Kick away doubt, fear, and negativity and pursue your dreams. That is what I’m doing, and you need to too,” he said.

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