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RETURNING HOME: Travel ban on Haiti lifted as emergency orders fall away

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — After being stuck in Haiti for the past eight months, Guy Cherubin, and several other other Bahamians and everlasting residents of The Bahamas will return this week because the travel ban on Haiti fell away with the expiration of the general public state of emergency and emergency orders.

“It’s fallen away and I just must say that I’m thankful for this,” he told Eyewitness News from Haiti.

“It’s been difficult you recognize. I ran out of cash and that’s been a problem, but I would like to return to my business; my family.”

Through the weekly press briefing on the Office of the Prime Minister, Press Secretary Clint Watson confirmed the travel ban on Haiti and Cuba had been lifted.

He also announced that Bahamasair resumed flights to Haiti and Cuba 4 flights per week, as he signaled for residents and residents of The Bahamas to return home at their discretion.

Press Secretary within the Office of the Prime Minister Clint Watson.

A glance on Bahamasair’s website, shows a flight available from New Windfall to Port-au-Prince on November 20 for $303.50.

“They surely can return,” said Watson in response to questions from Eyewitness News.

“I’m pleased to announce that Bahamasair had its first flight to Haiti yesterday.

“There will likely be two flights per week, Bahamasair: One to Cap Haitien, which was yesterday, and the opposite to Port-au-Prince, which will likely be on Saturday.

“They’ve also returned flights to Cuba, 4 flights per week.

“Bahamasair has begun these flights this week. So, it has happened.

“Individuals who need to return home are urged to call Bahamasair and book their flight and are available on home

“We’re receiving them.”

The original ban on Haiti in February was explained as a choice to dam travelers for 3 weeks as Haiti celebrated carnival.

On the time, few countries within the region had begun vaccination campaigns.

Prior to the ban, The Bahamas had regular, direct flights to Haiti.

The Bahamas received its first tranche of vaccines in early March, together with many countries within the region.

Haiti was left behind in the worldwide and regional campaign effort.

Haiti didn’t begin its vaccination campaign until July.

The nation, which has been faced with increasing political and economic strife, has yet to vaccinate multiple percent of its population.

Thus far, The Bahamas has vaccinated over 40 percent of its population.

Haiti shouldn’t be alone with low vaccination rates within the region.

As of last month, Jamaica, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines had lower than 20 percent vaccination rates.

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