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Riders show skill in dressage challenge

By Morissa Lindsay

The best of Barbados’ dressage riders was on show this weekend including the impressive Roberta Foster together with McKenzie Manning within the annual Cargo BGI Southern Palms Caribbean Equestrian Association Dressage Challenge at Congo Road Stables in St Philip.

A complete of 35 dressage riders featured in what was good weather conditions and Foster delivered a stellar performance within the Grand Prix riding her horse Chichic and likewise the freestyle on horse Valentino.

The talented Manning on her horse Ruveyda did exceptionally well within the intermediate section.

Foster and Manning are each working towards qualifying for the Central American and Caribbean Championship in addition to the Pan American Games in 2023.

“I’m absolutely thrilled about how this weekend has gone and I would like to say thanks to almighty God, number two to our amazing sponsors in addition to our horses and volunteers.

“As for my performance, my horse did amazingly, smiled the entire way through, she is awesome,” Foster said yesterday after her performance.

All participants were assessed by internationally acclaimed judge Cesar Torrente.

Manning was also elated about her performance. “I’m joyful with my performance and that is the primary time I’m riding to new music in front of a global judge in two and a half years.”

Trained by her aunt Roberta Foster since two and a half years old, Manning explained this weekend was all about where she stands based on the feedback of top international equestrian judge Torrente of Colombia.

“I desired to see where I stand with a global judge and what he thinks of my horse, what he thinks of my music and clearly where I can improve especially if I’m attempting to qualify for CAC and Pan Am next 12 months,” she added.

Sponsored by Rubis, Cargo BGI and RBC West Indies, Barbados is the primary stop for the Caribbean Equestrian Association competition which is the second-largest event within the region where riders from Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago in addition to the Virgin Islands will participate.

Most of the Barbados Equestrian Association riders nonetheless have their sights set on the grand showcase in early August after they compete within the International Equestrian Association event.

Barbados dressage riders will feature against the very best riders on the earth for this particular competition. The best variety of freestyle tests were performed yesterday by the riders starting from intermediate one to the introductory level.

Given the COVID-19 situation and its restrictions, the dressage riders from each participating Caribbean country must perform of their respective territories in front of a global judge and once concluded later this 12 months the winner can be announced.

Since Barbados was the primary to start the Caribbean Equestrian Competition, the very best scores from this country will go forward. Foster currently leads Barbados’ hopes together with Manning on Ruveyda and Emily Kinch on Alkoro.

wIn the adults’ freestyle, yet again Foster on Holiday heads the list together with Manning on Ruveyda and Tammy Pinto on Valentino.

The opposite list of Barbados teams for 2022 is as follows:

Children’s Team:

Marlie Pinheiro on Man in Black

Isla Domenge on Vanity

Rylee Pinheiro on Clover Lucky Probability

Children Freestyle Team:

Marlie Pinheiro on Man in Black

Isla Domenge on Vanity

Maxence de Leusse on Royal Diadem

Mini CEA Team:

Ivy Rosentreter on Gargamel

Jessie Galbraith on Little Man

Emily Dickenson on Merry

Mini Freestyle Team:

Taylor Foster on Clover Lucky Probability

Jessie Galbraith on Little Man

Erin Skinner on Galway Girl

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