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Robotics used to encourage Alexandra students

The creations of robotics and art students on the Alexandra School were placed on display during their first annual exhibition on Tuesday.

The exhibition, held under the theme Encourage to Aspire, featured the consequence of weeks of coding and other training.

“This Encourage to Aspire theme was my initiative, and what I hope to realize by it throughout the school is to have our students aim for excellence in all facets of their school life,” Acting principal Cheryl Gill Barbados TODAY.

“We used the coding and robotics team because they’ve been working hard all year long to get their kits together, they usually have been very engaged throughout the duration of the classes up to now.

“I assumed it might be a superb opportunity to motivate the opposite students throughout the school to develop into involved in such a programme, since it has tremendous advantages when it comes to them developing their critical considering skills and likewise giving them the platform to precise curiosity, when it comes to how things work and to be creative,” she added.

Robotics teacher Wayne Port, said there had been high interest within the robotics classes for the reason that Ministry of Education provided robotics kits in late 2021.

“There are about 20 students in all that did it this yr, and the passion was very high. The youngsters enjoyed coding, they enjoyed learning and enhancing their logical skills, they usually enjoyed the constructing aspect as well,” he said.

“The scholars thoroughly enjoyed the experience, with other students in the college who don’t do robotics looking on and expressing their disappointment with not having the chance to participate within the classes themselves.”

Nonetheless, Port noted that the staggered approach to in-person classes since schools reopened after the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected how much students were in a position to do.

“Some students were in a position to complete the constructing of the robot in perhaps 4 weeks, others took a bit longer, and since we were using the A and B system where students were coming in every other week, that will have slowed down the method,” the teacher explained.

Also on display on Tuesday were several art pieces by students and staff, including a novel art installation by Rianna Hinds.

“It’s made from styrofoam, coated with different layers of cement and paint, and we just used rocks found on the beaches of Barbados, and a few fake plants to make it look attractive,” she explained.

“This was mainly a creative project for my art exam; mainly, we needed to create three different ideas and pick one of the best one.”

Hinds admitted that the method was difficult.

“Constructing the project was sort of a hassle. I needed to take some day without work and take a look at to get my thoughts together. At one point, I didn’t want it to be functional because I couldn’t get it to stop leaking but I finally got it to work how I wanted it to,” she said. (SB)

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