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Rotary Wildlifers sets up Trinidad and Tobago chapter


The board and a few members of the Rotary Fellowship of Wildlifers for Conservation TT chapter, from right: Ricardo Hospedales, Vishal Ramjattan, Tanya Western, Anthony Garcia, Indra Boodhu, Kenneth Boodhu, Prof Mark Wuddivira, Romano Macfarlane, Maria Mohammed-Maharaj, Wendell Chad Rackal, Veronica De Souza-Phillip, and Seeram Ken Maharaj, –

The Rotary Fellowship of Wildlifers for Conservation (RFWCTT) has arrange a Trinidad and Tobago chapter in partnership with the Faculty of Food and Agriculture at The University of the West Indies (UWI).

The launch took place at the school, St Augustine campus, and marked the start of projects geared toward safeguarding wildlife and preserving the sanctity of the neotropical region, a media release said.

The TT chapter said it’s aiming to construct a long-lasting legacy of stewardship, contributing to a more sustainable and harmonious future.

Prof Mark Wuddivira, dean of the school expressed the UWI’s commitment to exploring collaborations with the Rotary when he addressed the launch. He emphasised the historical significance of each organisations, with over a century of history, now joining hands with the Rotary Fellowship of Wildlifers for Conservation to create a convergence of shared values and vision, the discharge said.

Wuddivira highlighted the necessity to expand conservation efforts to encompass each native and non-native species for the sustainable preservation of TT’s natural heritage.

Sanjay Krishna of India, global chair of the Rotary Fellowship of Wildlifers for Conservation, delivered his remarks virtually while Maria Mohammed-Maharaj, president of the local chapter, spoke in regards to the mission of the fellowship.

She highlighted that Rotary Fellowships, distinct from Rotary Clubs, are international groups open to any individual who shares a typical passion.

The local chapter is the primary to be formed external to the worldwide chapter based in India. The board and members comprise each Rotarians and non-Rotarians with diverse backgrounds, united by their passion for wildlife conservation.

As a part of its activities the fellowship plans to help with the tutorial component to the continued Garden with Wings – Pollinator Project, spearheaded by Rotary Club of Central Port of Spain and Friends of the Botanic Gardens TT;

● Create a primary/secondary school agriculture education project with pilot

project on the University School in partnership with the Early Act Club of the

school and the Rotary Club of St Augustine;

● Organise a transformative neo-tropical/wildlife tour and expedition

across TT, Guyana, Suriname, and potentially Brazil;

● To collaborate with the university field station on a neotropical animal project, involving research, study, and conservation efforts.

The board of directors of the RFWCTT:

Maria Mohammed-Maharaj – president, and past president of the

Rotary Club of St Augustine;

Professor Emeritus Gary Wayne Garcia –secretary, livestock

professor at The UWI;

Veronica De Souza-Phillip – executive member, past president of

the Rotary Club of Port of Spain West;

Ricardo Hospedales – executive member, agriculture education


Tanya Western – executive member, president of the Rotary Club

of Central Port of Spain.

More info

visit https://www.rotaryfellowshipforwildlife.org/ or


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