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Sea Breeze Beach House stages successful mini-carnival

It was a joyous celebration of music and color for guests of the Sea Breeze Beach House, South Beach and O2 Beach Club & Spa hotels, as Sea Breeze Beach House once more held its annual mini carnival event for the Crop Over season.

The event, which has grown extremely popular over time with patrons to the hotels who visit the island in time for Barbados’ biggest cultural festival, has grow to be an integral a part of the cultural experience for these visitors.

General Manager of the Sea Breeze Beach House, Leroy Browne, stated that the event staged last Thursday was designed from the outset to deliver an authentic local experience to visitors.

“The Mini Carnival is an annual Crop Over event, deliberately designed to offer our guests a taste of the festival, the food, drinks, color, music, costumes and in fact the people.

Because of this our staff are encouraged to be a component of it. This 12 months, we diverted from our traditional street jump through the neighbourhood to a Carpark Jam,” he explained.

Browne further added that the response from guests continues to be encouraging, with a lot of them showcasing how attuned with the festival they are surely.

“The response from the guests was awesome. I walked into the property the next day and one in all my guests with a really British accent got here as much as me and said “you would like Mauby”? That alone told me our event was an enormous success.

We now have guests planning to return at the identical time next 12 months simply to be  a component of it.

We’re very enthusiastic about next 12 months’s planning, comfortable to be back after two years of restrictions and incredibly pleased
so as to add to the general Barbados Crop Over experience.” (SB)

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