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Shaneil Muir: “I’m not leaving Dancehall for Christianity”

Shaneil Muir says she isn’t leaving dancehall.

Shaneil Muir says that she plans to get baptized and rededicate her life to God following her statements that she was going to go away dancehall music behind. In a lengthy statement on Instagram, the “Yamabella” artist clarified her statements that she was going to finish her contractual obligations for concert appearances from October to February 2023 before taking the daring step of becoming a greater Christian.

“I’m not leaving Dancehall for Christianity because I even have all the time been a Christian. A sinner yes, but aren’t all of us? I’m leaving to do God’s work, to search out peace, happiness and salvation, this world cannot offer me that. My reward isn’t within the hands of men and (Ephesians 6:12) I wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,” she said in an announcement on Instagram.

It’s unclear if which means she is leaving dancehall music or take an hiatus after fulfilling her show dates.

“Due to my secular selections I even have obligations to conclude this chapter of my life. I have no idea what tomorrow brings but by God’s grace and mercy I’ll baptize and rededicate my life to God and regardless of how this ship may rock Jesus Christ is the anchor,” she continued.

The dancehall artist also shared gratitude to fans and supporters and noted that she is in great spirits and “I will probably be a new.”

“JEHOVAH IS IN CONTROL! HE WINS!” she ended the statement.

Shaneil Muir

The artist shared that she isn’t taking any more bookings but that she’s going to attend her shows booked for Belize and St. Croix later this month, followed by a show in New York on November 4, St. Thomas Virgin Islands on November 11, and Newark, New Jersey on November 12. She also has an appearance in St. Lucia on November 26 and two appearances in Jamaica in December.

She can be set to attend a February 11 concert in St. Maarten and February 25 in Atlanta. Over the weekend, Shaneil sparked concern after it was reported that she had collapsed attributable to exhaustion and needed to be hospitalized. In an Instagram video where she assured fans she was faring well health-wise, she revealed that she was spiritually unsettled.

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“I won’t ever find happiness and peace on this world until mi turn mi life ova fully to God,” she said.

The “Yamabella” singer also shared that she was experiencing issues along with her manager but didn’t go further into the main points.

“Mi have a calling pan mi life and God a knock pan mi door and mi never a answer. I won’t ever find peace and I won’t ever be blissful if mi nuh start do mi duty weh God have set fi mi,” she said as she became emotional.

Shaneil Muir is amongst several artists who’ve left the secular world to change into Christians. Former Dancehall Queen Lady Saw ditched dancehall and her title and moniker to be baptized, and he or she is now a gospel artist who goes by the name of Marion Hall.

Artists Jahmiel and Miss Chin (the newborn mother of Kiprich) also got baptized last 12 months. Miss Chin is now a gospel singer.

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