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Shenseea and Skeng Collab Coming On His “Beast Of The Era” EP

Shenseea and Skeng collaboration is on the way in which.

The “Likkle Miss” artist announced on Tuesday night that he has an exciting project coming that features a feature from the dancehall princess herself, Shenseea. The Beast of the Era EP will feature six tracks from several noteworthy producers within the genre, signaling that he’s dropping a hardcore dancehall project for his fans.

The tracklist features “Demons Awake,” produced by Skeng’s longtime collaborator and label Di Truth which produced his hit track “Likkle Miss,” which was remixed by Nicki Minaj.

Two tracks are from John Coop Records- “New Era” and “Highway,” while two are produced by platinum-selling producer Rvssian. One among the songs, “It’s True,” features Shenseea, while the opposite is known as “Thug Life.” The sixth song is known as “Eediattt ‘Idiot’ Jigsta,” produced by Droptop Records.

The artwork for the track appears to be easy, with duct tape on a green background. The tape forms an x with nothing greater than the name of the EP and the tracks.

Skeng has seen several profession shifts along with his profession this yr. The artist, along along with his close friends and producers John Coop & Shacko Di Truth of Di Truth Label, signed a world recording take care of Geejam Music.

Geejam will provide funded music publishing administration and label services for Skeng and the producers.

Skeng Beast Of The Era tracklist

Speaking concerning the deal, Geejam’s owner Jon Baker said that the young artist will have the option to launch internationally via his music and performances and have an A&R presence within the UK and US.

On Tuesday night, fans shared excitement on the announcement of new music. “Lone new chune yuh seh?” one fan asked under the EP announcement.

“More hits than a contract killa yah now bad DJ,” one other fan added. “Spain town rise up!!!!” one other read.

It’s unclear the content of the music that Skeng will release. The artist has come under fire for his controversial songs like “Protocol,” which celebrates the usage of the date rape drug Molly and for his song “Gvman Shift,” which also promotes a gang from Spanish Town.

Last month, the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica said it could ban songs that promoted such lyrics that promoted guns, drugs, and sexual proclivities from radio and tv.

Skeng, particularly, has been singled out for criticism for his lyrics, however the artist has not addressed the critics.

Within the meantime, while he recently earned his first Billboard Hot 100 song because of his collaboration with Nicki Minaj, he can be entering one other phase of change as he recently announced that he was on the point of welcome a baby along with his girlfriend.

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